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 I love the look of stacked books.  It gives you some height for shorter objects, and looks neat and polished.  Some of the books I’ve used in my house have been wrapped in white paper.  Not only because I like the look, but because I don’t have a lot of large “pretty” books.  I lust over all of the gorgeous coffee table books you see in photos, but those bad boys can be expensive for even just one.  I have random leftover school books, cook books (that I never use), etc.  They’re the perfect size so I use them.  I just pretty them up a bit first so they don’t clash.
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| SUPPLIES: book . large paper of your choice . scissors |
STEP ONE: Open up your book and cut a piece of paper (I used Izzy’s craft paper roll) larger than the size of your book.  Give your self about 5 inches on the sides.
STEP TWO: Fold up the bottom leaving just a little extra length below the bottom of your book.
STEP THREE: Fold down the top leaving extra length like you did on the bottom fold.
STEP FOUR: Fold the left side over the front cover.
STEP FIVE: Close the book so the paper wraps around the spine giving you the right amount of paper to fold under on the back cover.
STEP SIX: Fold the right side of the paper over the back cover.
Super easy.
Here’s how I’ve most recently used them in our entry.
This was in our last place.  Those books and lamps seem to like that buffet 🙂
I made more today for a little spot on my bedroom dresser.  It need some attention and these just might be the ticket.
Are wrapped books something you guys go for, or do you prefer the pretty coffee table books?  I like a mix.  I need to find some that aren’t ridiculous!  And of course by that I mean cheap 😉


  1. Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door Avatar

    I'm so glad you posted this because I have totally forgotten how to do that from my school days (long ago) and have some ugly books I'd still like to use. Thanks!

  2. Samantha Hawes Avatar

    Do you have Half Priced Books in Houston? We have a few here in Austin and I always find steals there on fashion, beauty, and home decor books. I totally wrap old cookbooks though, especially with all the good Xmas papers that Rachel Zoe & Kelly wearstler released last year. 🙂

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