Playroom Makeover with Built Ins

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I am so excited to share our playroom makeover with you guys today!  This has been a project in the works for a while now.  With the addition of built ins and a window seat with storage we have COMPLETELY transformed the kids’ space and how they use it.  It nudged me to go through and makeover other areas of the playroom, and now we have a completely organized room that the kids can keep clean on their own.  Can I get an amen?!!  There is so much to share so this is a very photo heavy post.  I’ll link to sources at the end.    


We have gone through few stages with this playroom in attempts to get it figured out.  We started off having a couch under the windows.  It looked nice in this photo below, but in real life the slipcover was always sliding off, toys would get lost in the folds, and it was just another spot to collect junk.  You could never walk over and sit down on the couch without having to remove junk first.

We ended up selling the couch and put a table in it’s place for the kids to build and play with their Legos (I had to get those things out of my dining room!)  We quickly ran out of space as their Lego collection grew, and as you can see below, we still had a toy storage issue.

In theory those IKEA storage units are great, but in reality the top shelves are too high for little ones to get to.

Opposite this wall there’s a TV.  I forgot to take a decent before of the TV area, but found this one on my phone.


A playroom’s best friend, built in storage.  Eeeee!!!!!  The entire room has been divided up into different zones: window seat and storage wall, craft area, puppet theater, play kitchen, and tv/media area.  Now that everything has a proper place, clean up is a breeze and they can actually find their toys!

Window Seat and Storage Wall – AKA “The Toy Swallower”

Lego display can be pretty!  Have a bunch of smaller sets?  Use acrylic risers to create different levels and to fit more sets into one space.

Deep drawers under the window seat are perfect for storing larger toys.

Easily accessible totes are perfect for storing lots of smaller toys like Shopkins and Matchbox cars.

Craft Table

The previous storage unit was sold and the table was moved over to this wall where it can function as a craft table now that the Lego have a proper display place.  The table is a DIY using an IKEA table top and rolling drawer unit.  The table legs were built out of 2×2’s and painted white.  I added IKEA curtain wires above to hold art they bring home from school or create at home.  Instead of chairs we are using IKEA step stools which are the perfect height for sitting on and can be pulled over to the shelves to access Legos they may want to play with.

Puppet Theater

I made this doorway puppet theater for the kids a few years ago.  They never used it much because the puppets were always stashed out of sight.  Now that the puppets have storage right next to the theater it’s in constant play rotation.  This wall organizer  would be handy for any number of items!

Play Kitchen

Did you see my play kitchen makeover?  I hadn’t planned on giving it a refresh, but once we had those pretty built ins installed and things were looking nice I figured some sprucing up was in order.  It’s funny how changing things up cause kids rediscover their toys again.


The black media stand felt out of place so I painted it white.  The kids had been asking for these cute animals from Target so they found a home over the TV along with some string lights which are fun for movie nights.

And that brings us full circle around the room!

While the built ins were added for the purpose of playroom storage, we kept the future in mind.  This type of built in will still be perfect when the kids grow and the space transitions to a teenage space/game room, and then after as a general bonus room for future buyers.  I initially planned on building these myself, but the reality of being able to get these finished in a timely manner so that the kids wouldn’t be without a playroom for months on end hit and we decided it would be best to hire it out.  I was a little bummed because I wanted to try it myself, but hiring out was the best decision at the time.


BUILT IN WALL:  paint color – Benjamin Moore Simply White // library sconces // 10″ drawer pulls // 5″ cabinet pulls // storage totes // acrylic risers // bamboo blinds // white mud cloth pillow made by me (similar here) // indigo pillows made by me (similar here) // fur pillow – Homegoods // train table // DIY cage light ceiling fan

CRAFT AREA:  LINNMON table top // HELMER cabinet base // table legs made by me // stools // paper roll holder // glass canisters // hanging art cord (similar option cord, similar option clips)

PUPPET AREA:  hanging wall storage // doorway puppet theater made by me (using this tutorial)

PLAY KITCHEN:  play kitchen makeover // wall shelves – brackets sprayed black // plates // bowls // glasses // pots and pans // towel

TV AREA:  media stand (mine was repainted) // baskets // animal head decor // string lights // doll house // DIY otomi bean bags


I just added something else incredible to the playroom.  A wall mural!!!  Click here for more photos and info!

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  1. cassie bustamante Avatar

    WOW, shelley! what an incredible space! come do my playroom next please! it so needs love.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      You’ve got it!! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to finally have storage that works in there!

  2. Julie Holland Avatar
    Julie Holland

    ‘‘This room looks amazing! Especially fond of the acrylic risers for the Lego shelf:)
    I am considering a similar build and have a question regarding the flooring. Did you build directly over the carpeting? Or place the carpet afterward . We aren’t sure where to start . Thanks for any input!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you, Julie! They built directly over the existing carpet. The only thing they removed were the baseboards behind and to the sides of the built in. How exciting, you’ll love it!!

  3. Shelley Avatar

    Thank you, Julie! They built directly over the existing carpet. The only thing they removed were the baseboards behind and to the sides of the built in. How exciting, you’ll love it!!

  4. karen Avatar

    Looks great and one can just see the transition will be so easy for teen years and beyond.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thanks, Karen! That is exactly what I’m planning for, though I hope it doesn’t happen too quickly!

  5. Lisa Avatar

    Your new built ins look amazing Shelley!!! I love that huge window seat and all that fantastic storage!!!!!!!!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Good storage gets me so stinking excited!! 😀

  6. Jennifer Avatar

    So cute! Those built-ins are great because you can use this room for whatever you like once they are out of the toy phase. We’re using this room as the gym so it’s a plain white box right now. It makes me want to redecorate it!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I’m already getting emotional for what it will be like when they’re out of the toy phase. I gave a friend all of my daughter’s princess dresses since she no longer plays dress up. I’m getting a bubble in my throat just thinking about it again!

  7. Kelly Avatar

    So nicely done! Your kids must be so happy and you must love those built-ins! I miss this stage of my kids life! Would have loved having built-ins like that for all of our lego Creations!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you so much, Kelly!! It’s so nice to have our dining room table and any other flat surface that had been covered in Legos, back. They are so much fun to put together, but man they can be overwhelming when it comes to finding where to put them! 😀

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