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(I was provided the wall mural used in this post; however, all options are my own.  For more info, visit my full disclosure here.)  After the playroom makeover post you just saw, I bet you thought I was done in there didn’t you? Nope!!  Just a couple of days after it was considered finished I received an email from Photowall reaching out to see if I would be interested in reviewing their product.  I clicked over to do some checking and was LOVING what they had.  I knew you all would love it to!  Photowall is a Swedish company that offers a huge selection of wall murals, wallpaper, and canvas prints that are environmentally friendly, fire retardant, and do not fade in sunlight.  You guys, when I say they have a huge selection I mean HUUUGE.  I’ve always thought a wall mural would be so fun in the playroom, but never knew what would work best.  After falling down a rabbit hole of nature inspired murals I fell in love with the idea of a forest.  Several were in the running, but I finally decided on an awesome forest mural that was just perfect for the playroom.  Stay tuned to the end, because I’ve got a coupon code to share with you!! 

Last you saw, the TV wall in the room looked like this.


But… it now looks like this!!!


How incredible is that wall mural?!!!!!  It is just so much fun and truly finishes off the space.  I went with their Panorama in Grey wall mural.  It actually comes in a few different color ways, but I felt like the grey worked with the rest of the space and our home as a whole.  This mural is really impactful, but doesn’t overwhelm you when you walk in.  The kids are head over heels in love and tell me that it feels like the room keeps going into a magical forest.  Love that.

Izzy’s favorite part is that she can sit her dollhouse up to it and it feels like the house is nestled into a bunch of trees.

Here’s a more detailed shot of the paper.  You can see how the image is made up of a bunch of pixilated-like striations for a cool effect that changes depending on your distance to the paper.  Something else that makes this particular pattern stand out from similar ones are the different vertical bands of lighter and darker shades, kind of like a layered photograph.


What I thought was really great about Photowall is that you can choose how you are going to crop the mural to fit your wall measurements.  While on their site, you enter in your measurements and can then see what part of the image will be cropped to fit your wall.  You then slide the cropped guide along the image to determine what part of the image you want.  There’s even an option to flip the image if you are working around doors, etc.  Very cool feature!  That is how I was able to place the two larger trees on either side of the TV.  Since this product comes from Sweden I was expecting delivery to take longer than if I ordered inside the states.  I was so wrong!  My order arrived in just a few short days in perfect condition.  Also important to mention is that they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  I love when a company stands behind their product.


While I’ve installed wallpaper before, a wall mural was new to me so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  For our wall size, I received two large rolls of the mural wallpaper.  This next part is so brilliant.  There are clearly notated cut guides with labels for each panel, that way you don’t have to worry about mixing up the order.  You just cut where shown until all of the panels have been separated out, roll the individual panels up in order and you’re all set!

To prepare the wall I used a level and lightly drew a pencil line the width of my paper panels down the wall.  It’s hard to see the pencil lines in the photo so I added the dashes to give you an idea.  This helped me ensure my paper was level throughout the install.

Included with the paper is a powder glue that you mix with water to form the wallpaper paste.  It’s brushed onto the wall a panel width section at a time, and the paper is then smoothed on using regular wallpaper tools.  In fact it’s just like installing regular wallpaper.  Since I wasn’t going around a number of windows or doors, it went relatively quick.  This particular mural was super easy to line up correctly.

I’m so thrilled with how it turned out!

Photowall Favorites

There were so many great options that the hardest part really is deciding.  Here are some of my favorite wall murals and wallpapers from their site.  You can even upload your own image to create a one of a kind mural!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

Photowall Coupon Code

Loving it as much as I am?  Well, the awesome folks at Photowall are offering you guys 20% off your purchase for the next 30 days!  Use code: CrazyWonderfulCampaign2018 at checkout.

Ok, I promise I’m done with the playroom now 😀  I’d love to know your thoughts on it, and also what type of mural or wallpaper would you consider??

Special thanks to Photowall for partnering with me on this project!





  1. cassie bustamante Avatar

    shelley, this is adorable! oh i love their playroom SOOOO much!

    1. Shelley | Crazy Wonderful Avatar

      Thank you, Cassie! I’m so in love with it too! It’s interesting how we’re all spending so much more time in there now.

  2. Lisa Avatar

    Shelley! This looks incredible! The mural that you chose has such a mystical quality to it, so perfect for a playroom! Your kiddos must be loving this space!

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