Pool Updates and Tile Choices

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Now that I’ve got you updated on the kitchen project, I wanted to take some time and share pool updates and our tile choices. Oddly enough the pool was started on the exact same day we started the built-ins in the kitchen. As I write this post, there could be a chance that the pool gets finished before the built-ins. And it’s by far the larger project!! If you’ve missed the first pool post, you can check that out here.

Ok, last I left you with the pool, they had just finished shooting the gunite. Gunite is supposed to cure for two weeks.

During that time period we have to spray it down with water once a day. Four days after it was shot, we had that massive freeze here in Texas. Not only could we not spray it down in below freezing temps, but water had all been shut off due to burst pipes and equipment failures in facilities across the city. Given all of that, I’m told the gunite will be fine. I’m just so incredibly grateful we weren’t further along in the build with pipes and equipment installed that could have been damaged.

Tile Choices

Once Houston thawed out, coping and waterline tile was installed. Coping is basically the protective material that caps the outer edge of the pool. Waterline tile is just that, the tile that runs along the waterline. Its purpose is mostly decorative, but provides an easier to clean surface for the waterline that over time would leave a discolored line on the pool’s side surface.

pool tile selections


For our pool’s coping we chose Travertine in Country Classic. I love the natural look of travertine, and how it’s physical properties make it so ideal for pools. It’s a natural material that is porous, which makes it less slippery when wet, and under the heat of the sun it is much cooler to the touch than other materials. I’m currently thinking of the brick coping of our neighborhood’s pool and how it feels like my skin is sizzling when I lean my back against it. This will feel so much better!

travertine country classic

Waterline Tile

This is probably the hardest tile decision to make with a pool. There are so many different options. I knew I wanted something simple and clean looking. We went with Mastertile’s Tivoli in the six inch silver. It’s a matte porcelain tile that looks like natural stone. This was actually not my initial choice. Originally I had a chosen a darker silver, gloss tile. Over time I started worrying it would be too dark, so I chose this for a lighter look. It actually reminds me of the marble floors in our master bathroom.

mastertile Tivoli silver waterline tile


Soon after the tile went in plumbers came and dug trenches and installed plumbing and equipment. I didn’t grab a photo of it, but our equipment is around the corner of the house with the three windows.

Up next is electrical work and a two foot wide low border of cement around the edge of the pool. We’re doing a paver look with our pool decking, so the cement border is needed to keep water from seeping under the pool potentially causing it to float. Pavers will then be added over it with gravel between the pavers. And I believe after that they will spray in the pool coating. I’m not sure why, but I’m really looking forward to that part!

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  1. Cassie Bustamante Avatar

    Ooooh this is SO exciting!!!!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      They’re putting down the pavers as I type. We’re getting so close!!

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