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2014 really needs to get her ass in gear and turn it around for us.  So far, I’m not impressed.
Yesterday morning around 5:00 I was awoken by our dog Ruffino whining and struggling to get up from his dog bed.  Mike and I ran over to him and helped him up.  He had zero balance and couldn’t stand on his own.  Mike lead him out to the living room so Ruff could try to stand on the rug since his feet kept slipping out from under him on the wood and tile floors.  He peed there.  Not at all him.  We finally got him outside and after a few minutes found him leaning against the fence for support.  Something was very wrong.  We got him to lay down on his bed, and we just sat there next to him staring at each other scared.   
Ruff is 9 years old (he was still a tiny pup in the pic above).  In these 9 years he has had cancer removed twice, reconstructive knee surgery, a rare muscle tear in his groin, and several other scary trips to the vet.  Each time we leave the vet we feel so blessed to have him with us still.

Ruffino was with Mike and I since the very beginning.  We adopted Ruff from the shelter a week after we got married, which was also a week and a day after Mike’s mom passed away from cancer.  He helped us through a very, very tough time in our lives.  He has been right next to us through it all.
The emergency clinic we took him to isn’t sure what’s going on with him.  It seemed to have come out of nowhere.  All of his blood work came back looking good.  They think it’s neurological, maybe a stroke, maybe a seizure, maybe a brain tumor.  He hasn’t gotten any worse, but he hasn’t gotten any better.  He has to get better.
Would you guys please pray for Ruffino?  We need him to pull through this. 


  1. Hunter Avatar

    Could it be something as simple as arthritis? My sister's cat had something similar happen to her and that is what it was. She actually rescues cats and has developed a friendship with her vet, who is great! If you have any questions, I would be happy to pass them along to her. Praying for your family.

  2. Andrea Avatar

    Oh Shelley, I am praying right now for you guys and for Ruffino. My heart is breaking for you. What a sweet dog you have!

  3. Calypso In The Country Avatar

    I am praying for him. Dogs become such important parts of our families and my heart just breaks for you. What a cutie he is. Take care, Shelley

  4. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    oh you know you have them. thinking of you and your sweet family, and especially your sweet boy ruff.

  5. Amy Avatar

    I'm so sorry Shelley. We will pray for him. Thinking of you guys.

  6. Mindy Avatar

    Ugh, this is soooo not a happy post. I hate sad animal stuff. I really, really, really want him to get better. So scary – especially when they can't tell you for sure what's going on. Keep us updated!

  7. pam {simple details} Avatar

    I'm so sorry Shelley, you're all in my prayers. It sounds similar to our neighbors lab, it was a stroke and she's doing great now but it took awhile for her to be able to walk again. Take care.

  8. Tiffany Avatar

    I've got you and Ruff in my thoughts. I hope he feels better soon.

  9. Talitha Richardson Avatar

    oh no, it's so hard when this happens, you can't imagine life without them, but it never stops you having animals! Prayers that he gets better.

  10. Samantha Hawes Avatar

    Poor baby, that's just awful!! Sending y'all lots of prayers.

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