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I’ve got a bad case of PADD (Project ADD).  I can’t seem to focus on one project at a time.  I just keep bouncing around, aimlessly.
Started in on Izzy’s room makeover, but haven’t done anything since the wall decals.  I could have been making her bed pillows, but haven’t.
I moved the mirror out of the front entry to the skirted table by the stairway, and now I need to come up with an alternate plan for the front entry.  Haven’t.

Just mentioned in the last post about doing a gallery wall around the TV.  Stalling because I can’t figure out how to mount the TV.
So instead of finishing those projects, I decided to start a new one yesterday.  A gallery wall at the top of the stairs.
The frames are all hung, but it is FAR from finished.  I need to add in some photos, reprint some of the existing photos in black and white, and paint the curvy mirror frame.  Not a HUGE job seeing as how the hard part is already behind me.  But, I’ll more than likely walk away from it for a while and create new projects for myself before finishing this one.  Gah!
Tell me I’m not the only one that suffers from PADD?  Ha!  Do you guys bounce around like me or are you all out until the finish line?


  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    oh i do this to myself all the time! i just keep on rolling though- stuff will get done eventually!

  2. Andrea Avatar

    I'm a classic PADDer! It's one of my biggest issues. For the record, I love all the projects you've started and I think they are all going to turn out fabulously. Love the new gallery wall.

  3. Julia | Pawleys Island Posh Avatar

    girl! I know this isn't your first home, but you know this is how it goes when you've got a new house to play in! It's so different from the get it sold list, right. LOVE a good mounted tv and that you're not putting it over the fireplace. What pretty mantels you can change up now!

  4. Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door Avatar

    Story of my life! ūüôā I'm right there with you. It's 'creative thinking'. At least, that's how I sell it to the hubs.

  5. Tara {The Silver Lining} Avatar

    Oh I have had a gallery wall in progress on our stairs for months now. I have finally bought two more frames to complete the walls, but I have yet to hang them, and well there are still empty frames and pics to be changed out….not to mention in the frames on the wall in our bedroom too. I think that you are awesome at getting things done quickly!!! I'm always amazed at your progress.

  6. Aja Avatar

    Oh man, this is SO me! It's a sickness, really, and one that my husband will never fully understand. One time he asked me why I couldn't just complete one task at a time and it was like he was speaking Mandarin. I think we (women/moms) just multitask naturally every day, and then throw in design plans and schemes and it's neverending!! Loving your gallery wall & glad I'm not the only one with half completed rooms!

  7. Tiffany Avatar

    Omg. We have a bad case of PADD. Once something is transformed about 75% I get bored and want to move on to something else. It's awful. Then by the time I revisit it I feel like I want to change things around. It's a sickness.

  8. Mindy Avatar

    Um, this is me exactly. I started a black and white gallery wall in our master bathroom last week. Didn't finish, but the hammer and screwdriver are still sitting on the counter and frames are on the floor. I'm NOW trying to decide if I want to do board and batten. It's never-ending.

  9. Lisa @ Shine Your Light Avatar

    Your gallery wall looks AMAAAAAAAZing. I love the composition of it and how close the frames are, please share more when it's officially done. You have a whole house to decorate so I think you get a reprieve for the first year or two of living there – bounce around and find the right place for things! I drive my husband CRAZY with my PADD. In the middle of building bookshelves I decided to makeover our bar, and then work on a vanity table for my daughter. Never mind that my living room has been a construction zone for the past month!

  10. Genny Avatar

    You're not alone! I have ADCD (attention deficit cleaning disorder) too! There's a meme for that! Where we go from cleaning one thing to another until the day is done, and nothing ever gets cleaned! LOL Don't worry – you're in good company!

  11. Chrissy @ Adventures in DIY Avatar

    I often get PADD (and I thought I was the only one that called it that. ha!). It's funny how sometimes I'm so focused on one project but other times, I'm all over the place. By the way, I think the gallery wall around the TV is going to look awesome!

  12. Caroline Nolazco Avatar

    You sound like me! I swear it helps though. When you're stuck or just not into it, it can help to accomplish something else to get that high :p

  13. Alexa Avatar

    I bounce all over the place. It's maddening truly. I always feel like I have a project up in the air!

  14. Samantha Hawes Avatar

    Story of my life. I'm the worst at starting projects and then neglecting regular chores, so one thing in my house looks but the rest of my house just looks like a bomb. :-/

  15. Amy Avatar

    Um, duh. That is all. Oh look I need more coffee.

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