refinishing a table – need your help!

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I have this wood pedestal table that I’ve had for years. 
Here she is in our old kitchen.
It came to me from my parents who got it at an antique store when I was little.  When I was about two years old I actually broke the table top when I was standing on it (yep) and threw my legs out from under me, landing my little baby booty hard on the edge when my dad yelled at me to get down.  I think it was at that point that he refinished the table since he had to work on reattaching the top.  That was about 30 years ago. 
Ol girl has seen better days.  But, I still love her.

I desperately need to refinish her and put on proper casters.  The original casters were wood, but one fell off during transport when my parents had it, and were replaced with these super awesome plastic 80’s vintage computer chair cast offs.  I still have no clue why after all these years they still haven’t been changed out.
Here’s where I need your input.
Our new house will have very dark brown wood floors.  It will be sitting in the kitchen where the cabinets will be white with a black island.  I’ll still be using the black X back chairs with it for a few years (you know, until Sam masters the eating without tossing food thing).  Oh, and I won’t be using a rug either (same reason as before).
Do I go for a bleached wood look so it has some contrast against the dark wood floors?

Or, do I keep it close to it’s current color?
I’m more drawn to the bleached wood, but wanted to get your thoughts.


  1. Aja Avatar

    Bleached wood! I am in love with that look and what a great table! Can't wait to see it redone.

  2. kcadreeb Avatar

    Bleached would be beautiful!

  3. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    i love the bleached wood, too- i think it will help lighten things up!

  4. Mindy Avatar

    I have the exact same question!!!! We have one that needs to be repaired and refinished. I can't decide if I want to stain it or paint it. Or paint half and stain half.

  5. Handbags*N*Pigtails Avatar

    I rescued this same style table from my parents garage attic a few years ago. It was their first table as a young family and then it sat and sat in storage after they moved to a larger home. Its in our kitchen with white modern chairs and I love it-esp the story behind it:)

  6. LaTonya Johnson Avatar

    I think the bleached wood would look best, but I would do it with a light grey instead of white. That way you get a nice contrast with the cabinets addition to contrast with the floors and island.

  7. Andrea Avatar

    I have a very similar table in our family room that also came from my parents. I love the bleached wood look too and I think it would look great with your dark floors and white cabinets.

  8. pam {simple details} Avatar

    One more vote for the bleached look! 🙂

  9. Brittany Helen Avatar

    bleached wood look!!

  10. Carmel - Our Fifth House Avatar

    I like the bleached look I just wonder if its a trend that you'll get tired of later on. Is it easy to restain bleached wood? If so, then I say yes to the bleached look too.

  11. Becky P. Avatar

    Sorry, I am not a fan of the bleached wood. I like the contrast of the 'natural' wood color it has now with the black chairs.

  12. Ruby Avatar

    Just came across this and love what you have done with the table… I found it on Pinterest and have been digging to see wheres its from, but now I am wondering about how big is it? I think its the perfect size and was wondering of the table top length.

    Thanks!!! beautiful home!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Thank you Ruby! It's an antique my parents purchased ages ago. The table top is 4 feet wide.

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