Rosette Pillow

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I’m sure you’ve all seen and been swooning over this pillow from Target

Me too
I just didn’t have a spot in my house where the yellow would work.  That, and it’s no longer available.  So, I attempted to make my own, and I really like how it turned out.  If you want to make one too, here’s what you do!
Rosette Pillow
Here’s what you’ll need:
  • fabric for the body of the pillow (I used a grain sack found at a flea market for, wait for it… FREE!)
  • fabric for the rosettes (you’ll need 1 1/2 yards)
  • piping (I bought mine premade, 2 1/2 yards)
  • pillow form (mine was 18×18)
  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • pins
  • sewing machine and thread
  • foot attachment for sewing on piping
  • Iron and ironing board
And let me forewarn you, I am self taught when it comes to sewing.  I don’t know all the technical terms.  I just do what works for me 🙂
STEP ONE:  Cut fabric for the rosettes.  You will need 9 strips of fabric, 5 inches wide by whatever your fabric measures from selvedge to selvedge (usually 45 inches).
STEP TWO:  Fold in each long side toward the center about a 1/2 inch and press with iron

STEP THREE:  Fold in half long ways and press with iron.  Sort of like a big piece of bias tape.
Do this with all nine strips. 
You will not need to reopen the folds, but this is what the creases will look like if done properly
STEP FOUR: Create the rosettes.  Lay one strip of fabric down with the open side of the fold facing right.  Bring the rest of the strip up and over to the right so that it forms a 90 degree angle in the center and press with iron.
   Bring the rest of the fabric up to form another 90 degree angle in the center and press with iron.
Now bring the rest of the fabric down and over to the left to complete the base of the rosette and again press with iron.  This part will determine the width of the rosette (mine was 5 inches wide).
Keep repeating the same process bringing the fabric in closer to the center each time.  Keep pressing with your iron to keep everything somewhat in place.

When you get to where you have about 10 inches of fabric left in length, fold long ways and press.

Now repeat the same process of folding the fabric in towards the center.
Stop when you have about 5 inches of fabric left in length.

Now instead of folding the fabric, start rolling it in towards the center and tuck the last bit of fabric behind the center of the rosette.  Give it a really good press with the iron.  Pressing with the iron will help you know where each of your folds are when you take it to your sewing machine.  Much less frustration that way 🙂 

Now you’ve just got to do that 8 more times! 
STEP FIVE: Sew the rosette’s layers together.  Unfold the rosette (this is where pressing the folds comes in handy) and begin sewing at the first fold.
Once you get over the fold stop with the needle down in the fabric, release the pressure on your foot, and rotate the rosette clockwise.  Place the pressure foot back down and start sewing again until you cross over the next fold.  Keep repeating this process until you get to where you started rolling the fabric (the center of the rosette).

Refold/roll the center of the rosette back into place and stitch down using a needle and thread.

WAHOO!!!  You’re done with the rosettes!
Whew!  Still with me?

STEP SIX: Cut your fabric for the pillow.  I used my awesome FREE grain sack.  My pillow form was 18×18 so I cut my piece for the front of the pillow 19×19 (allowing for a 1/2 inch seam allowance on each side).  I did an envelope closure for the back so I cut two pieces at 19×12 each.  The top of my grain sack was finished so I cut my back pieces keeping this in mind.  This might make more sense later on.

STEP SEVEN: Pin your piping into place on the front piece of fabric.  When you get to the corners, cut a series of slits into the piping to allow it to curve nicely. 
STEP EIGHT: Bust out your sewing foot for piping and sew down your piping all the way around, overlapping the beginning and end of the piping. 
STEP NINE:   Place your rosettes onto the front piece of the pillow and pin in place.
 STEP TEN: You can either tack them into place by hand, or use your sewing machine.  I used my machine and just stitched around the inside of the base “petals”.
 View from the back after rosettes are sew on


STEP ELEVEN:  Pin the back two pieces to the front of the pillow, right sides facing each other.  The finished edges of the two back pieces should be towards the center of the pillow, one piece laying about 5 inches over the other at the center point.  Of course, out of all the bazillion pictures I took for this project, I don’t have one of this!  But, this is what the back looks like when finished.

STEP TWELVE: Using your piping foot, sew the back pieces in place.  The easiest way I’ve found to do this without messing up the piping is to turn the pillow around so that the backside of the front of the pillow is facing up (like the picture in Step 10).  That way you can stitch directly over your previous stitches, using them as a guide.  Stitch all the way around the pillow.  You don’t need to leave an opening since you’re doing an envelope back.

STEP THIRTEEN: Trim any excess fabric and turn the pillow inside out.

STEP FOURTEEN: Insert pillow form.

STEP FIFTEEN: Admire your work and pat yourself on the back!

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  1. Tiffany Avatar

    Saw your link at Truly Lovely.
    This pillow is beautiful!! I love it.
    And thank you for the tutorial on making the rosettes this way, I have been wondering how to make them and now I know!

  2. Chandeen @ Designed by Chance Avatar

    I think the pillow you made is better than the target version. Also perfect for Valentines day.

  3. Linda@Coastal Charm Avatar

    Coming by from The DIY Show Off party…LOVE your pillow…great fabrics…it's just my style!!!!


  4. Jeanene @ The Queen Bees Hive Avatar

    LOVE this pillow, and honey ~ it's better than the Target version! Perfect for that chair too!

  5. Courtney and Heather Avatar

    That is precious! Great job… looks just like the Target one!


  6. Denise Avatar

    LOVE it! I want one!

    Extreme Personal Measures


    So great! Love it!!

  8. Tristin @ Two Girls Being Crafty Avatar

    Your super-awesome pillow was included on my round-up of awesome accent pillows! If you're interested in seeing it, here's the link:

  9. A Vintage Vine Avatar

    Love this! The is a great tutorial! I may need to try this one!!!! Thanks!

  10. April Avatar

    Awesome job! I love the pillow and the tutorial! I host a linky party from Saturday thru Monday. I would love for you to drop by and link this up this weekend if you get a chance! Love that chair too btw!

  11. Tammy Avatar

    Wow, this is gorgeous! The pillow looks great on your fabulous chair. What a wonderful tutorial. You spelled it out perfectly. I love your pictures too. Very helpful for us visual people. I am going to try this one for sure.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Beth@The Stories of A to Z Avatar

    I love this! And yes, I also love the original from Dwell but the colors aren't right for my home. This looks like a lot of work to put together but the end product is gorg! Thanks for linking up :).

  13. Brittany Rivers Avatar

    I too have been swooning over that pillow….Yours looks fantastic! I've had it in my mind for awhile to make my own! Thanks for sharing this!

  14. Busy as a Bee in Paris Avatar

    this is so pretty! looks too hard for me to make though!!!! you did a fabulous job! thanks for sharing! visiting from a to z

  15. Lindsay Avatar

    This is great! I'm going to link to you tomorrow. 🙂

  16. Andrea Avatar

    Love it! Might have to try this one.

  17. Jaclyn Avatar

    This is great! I saw that pillow at target as well and loved it but the yellow isn't a color that is in my house. Thanks for the tutorial!

  18. Brook Avatar

    Love!! So pretty, I'm going to try one for my bed!

  19. Joy Avatar

    Saw your link at Living With Lindsay! I love the pillow and am going to try it asap! I will begin following you today. You can find me at! I'm new at blogging!

  20. Tabitha Avatar

    I've been stalking that pillow at Target. Love it and love your version! So pretty! Thanks a bunch for sharing.

  21. Rebecca Avatar

    What a fantastic tutorial! I have definitely been one of the ones salivating over that pillow, and dreaming of one day recreating it. Thank you so much for making the process look so easy! I will definitely be following your instructions when I get my hands ona sewing machine.

    Thank you!

    my blog:

  22. Alima Avatar

    I am so excited to have found this post! I fell in love with that pillow at Target, but like you yellow doesnt fit with my home. I actually went so far as to buy the pillow (with plans to return) and bring it home so I could attempt to copy the rosettes (shh..dont tell) 🙂
    I've been staring at it for several days and couldn't figure it out. So I googled "Dwell Studio Rosette Tutorial" and came across your post! You are a genius! Can't wait to try making these!

  23. The Adventures of Ordy and Joon Avatar

    Love this!!! It looks INCREDIBLE!

  24. Brandy Avatar

    I've had my eye on that same pillow, but do NOT want to spend $24.99!!! Thanks so much for posting this, now I can make my own. I've been "playing" with different ways to make the rosettes, but nothing looked quite right. These are perfect!!!!!

  25. The Yellow Cape Cod Avatar

    I'm stuck trying to decide what I love more, the pillow or that chair.

  26. Allie Avatar

    Oh. My. I just saw this on The Stories of A to Z. I LOOOVE that pillow at target and love the yellow. But red and and that grain sack fabric are perfect! Awesome job! This is creeping to the top of my to-do list!

  27. Kara Avatar

    Stopped by your blog from The Stories of A to Z. I love that pillow and it seems we have a lot in common (except that I don't sew and will have to ask my mother to make this for me). My tag line is –because I never made baby books. I'll definitely check out your blog again.

  28. Jen-CraftOManiac Avatar

    LOVE LOVE LOVE want want want, TOTALLY want a pillow just like YOURS!!! as well as a chair with a damask or zebra print. I have this spot against my wall near my piano that needs a chair and fab. pillow. I have seen that pillow at Target… however, your color and fabric choices totally match my front room, so I adore yours. You should come by CraftOManiac and link this up. Have a super night. winks-jen

  29. tomiannie Avatar

    GREAT tutorial! I saw you on Living with Lindsay and had to come check it out!

  30. Jenni Avatar

    wow! i am super impressed! i think your pillow looks better than targets!

  31. Linda@Coastal Charm Avatar

    Still lovin' it:)


  32. The Polka Dot Closet Avatar

    These roses are so great I bookmarked your tutorial, the biggest compliment a blogger can get, great job!


  33. Brandi Avatar

    Omg! Your pillow turned out so beautiful! I love the fabrics you chose. the burlap and black with the red looks amazing!

  34. Michelle @ Sweet Something Design Avatar

    Another fantastic project! Looks great on the chair too, great job!

  35. Amber Branconier Avatar

    so lovely! thanks for the tute

  36. Erika Avatar

    I have lusted over this pillow since it first came out in Target! Love it! I recently got a sewing machine and am determined to learn how to make one of these pillows myself. Thanks for the tutorial!

  37. Lisa Avatar

    Another pillow luster! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I think I'm going to make a version with one big rose because I am lazy. Yours looks awesome!

  38. Hani@Craftionary Avatar

    cute idea.. I was wondering if you would like to be featured on my blog with tutorial about pillow or any new idea you have not posted yet? Also introduce yourself and your blog. I will also love to add your projects as my favorites so that people can know how wonderful your blog is..
    write to me at [email protected]

  39. Allyson Pecilunas Avatar

    How cute!!! I just found your blog through Whassup Wednesday. I am now your newest follower I look forward to reading more and checking out all of your other posts!! Come check me out if you get a chance..

  40. Tammy @ she wears flowers Avatar

    I was just about to make one of these!! I had these pillows in my cart 2 days ago (we still have them 😉 but couldn't stomach the price, the color wasn't quite right, and didn't like that it was stuffed and not a solid pillow form. I decided to make it myself and you saved me all of the trouble of thinking it through–thanks!! Yours turned out beautifully and I love the red!

  41. Bella Avatar

    LOve this pillow too, I thought I had already commented on how awesome it was, I know I've looked at it several times now, lol.

    ANyway, I'm going to FEATURE this on my facebook page, and if you want a chance to be featured for the entire week on my blog, come link up girl. I'd love, love, love to have you!!!

    Come say hi sometime!! Bella Before and After , and if you want to win an Avocado Painting, come enter myGIVEAWAY HERE, I really appreciate the support.

    Bella 🙂

  42. myriahmae Avatar

    WOW!!! I LOVE this pillow, just may have to tackle this project. Thanks for the tutorial! Nice to meet you so glad a blog friend linked to this today! Come meet me,!

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    hey, i love your blog and am now a follower, you have the cutest ideas!!! i recently started my own and would love for you to check me out!

  44. Boho Farm and Home Avatar

    Oh my goodness! You are one clever girl! That looks so great! I am totally impressed! xo Caroline

  45. Sunni Avatar

    I'm diggin' this pillow! I must try to make one–you've inspired me. : ) By the way, I'm a newbie blogger and I'd love for you to drop by and visit me at when you get a chance!

  46. Morven's Handmades Avatar

    Really lovely pillow, I'd love to have one too, will have to try your tutorial sometime, when I have had enough of my other pillows.
    Thanks for the tutorial.

  47. Julie Avatar

    I haven't seen rosettes like that before. I really like how it all turned out.

  48. Rachel Avatar

    Popping in from tatertots and jellos linkup–I LOVE this pillow! I've wanted to make one but had no idea how to do the rosettes . . . yours is gorgeous! I have to say, I like it better than the original. I love it, and I think I'll try making one myself! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  49. Rachel Avatar

    PS, I'm your newest follower–so psyched to check out your cute blog!

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  50. Barefoot Blueberry Avatar

    This is so inspirational and helpful. Thank You for your tutorial. Terrific!!!

  51. Laura@Corner House Avatar

    Thank You! Thank You! Thanks You! for posting this tutorial. I have been loving that pillow at Target too. I was planning on making a knock off and now with your tutorial I won't have to put so much thought into it.

  52. creativegoddess Avatar

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE this pillow! Great tutorial!

    I featured you as one of my fab finds today and would love for you to stop by!


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    I am having a giveaway on my blog. $40 to get any vinyl decal from Urba Walls. check it out!

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    SERIOUSLY WITH THIS PILLOW?! this is amazing. i'm adoring the blog <3

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  58. Janet Avatar

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    Linking this up with us made the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop better and more special. Thank you!

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