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Last weekend I hit up Round Top for the first time with my mom and a friend.  We had SUCH a great time!
The place was packed with awesomeness as far as the eye could see, and beyond.
I do think my favorite venue was Blue Hills.
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I loved everything there.  Not too big, not too small.  It was just right.  I felt like the prices there were really fair too.  Oh, and they had nice restrooms.  Definitely something you’ll appreciate out there where porta potties are sometimes your only option…  in sweltering heat.  If you do find yourself in that unfortunate porta potty scenario, I recommend finding a parking spot way out in a field where no one can see you.  Just saying. 


Despite wanting to take home almost everything I saw while shopping around (minus the real elephant foot turned stool – for reals), I was a good girl and only brought home a few goodies.
My absolute fav find was this dough bowl I picked up from Old World Anteiks at Blue Hills.  I lurve her.  She smelled like yeast when I gave her a bath in the kitchen sink.
I also picked up this olive bucket at the same place.  Those things were all over Round Top.  Planning on using it to hold wood for our outdoor fireplace in the new house.  Can’t remember where the small metal containers came from nor what they were called (held starter plants), but I’m thinking they would be great with some succulents inside.
I also stopped in at the Junk Gyspies place.  You’re not going to find a bunch of antiques there, but it was a really cool store with some fun stuff.  I’ve been wanting a little glass box, so when I saw this one, it came home with me.  Don’t know what to put in it yet.
Oh, and I picked up another rack of antlers.  For $10.  Bam!  Didn’t get a photo of those.  Just felt a little weird.
Anywho, I’ll definitely be hitting it up again in the Spring.  Hopefully I can drag some furniture pieces back with me next time!
Personally, I wasn’t thrilled with Marburger Farms.  Everyone said it was a MUST see, but I just thought it was all so stinking expensive.  I don’t even think I’ll bother stopping by them next time.
Have you guys hit up Round Top before?  What do you think?  What did you find?!


  1. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    i dream of going there one day!

  2. Tara {The Silver Lining} Avatar

    I haven't gone out there in a while, but I was so tempted to go this past weekend, but figured I needed to actually get some stuff done around the house. You got some awesome pieces! I love dough bowls – is that weird? I also have been wanting antlers. I should've had you pick me up some. 😉

  3. Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door Avatar

    I wanna go! Damn it why don't I have my own airplane!

  4. pbrenner Avatar

    My sister and I go almost every spring and fall (we did miss this most recent one, though). We call it going to "Round Top", but we actually go to Warrenton (south of RT on 237), and a few of the other cow pasture setups along the way. We found Marburger and the 'real' Round Top to be WAY out of our price range. Warrenton has plenty that we can't live without. I don't remember what part of Texas you live in, but there are 'Market Days' or 'Trade Days' on various weekends throughout the state that offer mini-versions almost year round. I live near Wimberley, and Wimberley's Market Days (1st Saturday every month March- December) are an awesome smaller version – antiques, vintage, repurposed, crafty, and of course some good food and music. Fredericksburg's Market Days (3rd weekend of the month, Fri/Sat/Sun, and twice in Nov I think) are also good. Just a thought if you need more 'fixes' while waiting for Round Top to come around again 😉

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