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You may remember Sam’s 3rd birthday party from late last year.  I’ve had a couple of requests on the How-To’s for the mason jar party favors and streamer garland, so I thought I would throw them together in one post!



What you’ll need:

  • Canning Jar – I used the Ball 16 oz. wide mouth.  You can find them on Amazon here, or you might be able to pick them up at your grocery store.
  • Plastic Animals – I found mine on Amazon here.
  • Adhesive to glue the animals on the lid.
  • Spray paint
  • Baker’s twine – I found mine on Amazon here.
  • Thank You Printable (download available at end of post)
  • 2″ paper punch – I found mine at Hobby Lobby here.
  • Regular paper hole punch for running the twine through
  • Filler of your choice!  Animal crackers, frosted animal crackers (yum!), pretzels, tiny cookies, etc.
How to do it:
Glue your plastic animals to the top of the jar.  Once they’re dry, spray paint them with the color of your choice.  Print out the thank you printable, punch out your tags, and tie it around the neck of the jar with the baker’s twine.  
TIP:  Initially I spray painted the ring that screws down onto the jar.  When I started unscrewing the caps (after finishing the whole project) I noticed some of the paint flaked off, leaving a mess around the outside of the jar.  Nothing got on the food, but it was still gross.  To prevent this,  you can either run a strip of painter’s tape along the inside of the ring to prevent spray paint from getting on it, or just don’t spray paint the ring.  You can see below that it’s still super cute leaving it silver!
This is my new favorite way to decorate for parties.  It’s ridiculously cheap and you can customize it to whatever color theme you’re going for!  I also used this for the ice-cream party we threw last summer.
What you’ll need:
  • Multiple colored crepe party streamers.  You can find them anywhere and they’re so cheap!
  • Sewing machine 


How to do it:
Place two of your crepe streamers side by side and over lap them in the center.  With your sewing machine set at the longest stitch length and the highest tension, stitch the two streamers together.  The machine will automatically gather the streamers as it sews.  If it’s not gathering as tightly as you would like, try lightly pulling the two streamers toward you as your machine pulls them in to stitch.  Keep going until you have the length of garland your after!


That’s it!  For more DIY’s and tutorials, check out my Tutorials + Tips page.


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  1. Raquel Durik Avatar

    Thanks Shelley! Can't wait to get started on these projects!

  2. Raul Raise Avatar

    I will start with this very soon its great.

  3. Pam Avatar

    Fabulous! Simple and easy to follow tutorial, thank you! Love it!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Thank you so much, Pam!

  4. kama227 Avatar

    The jars are super cute!! What did you use for the adhesive to attach the animals to the lids?

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Hi! Sorry for the delayed response! I cannot remember the name of the adhesive I used 🙁 I picked it up at a home improvement store and purchased some that worked well on metal. I hope this helps some!

  5. Deb Avatar

    Then what ? ?? Fine that you see the streamers together but what suggestions do you have for then hanging them ? Is their an optimum way. I mean it felt Incomplete to just end there. Could I also point out that it’s no longer appropriate to use the comment section as a means of gaining readers details. It does require effort building an email list. I know, but you need to make that effort and not treat making a comment as an ‘earned privilege’. A ‘free offer’ of some sort in EXCHANGE for your readers details is more acceptable, don’t you think ? Just so you know,…

    1. Shelley Avatar

      ‘Thanks so much for your opinion. I used tape 😉

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