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Well hello!!!
I certainly didn’t expect to be away from my blog this long.  The avalanche of boxes proved to be just to much.  I’ve managed to crawl out long enough to get on the computer for a second.
{bodysuit – oldnavy}
In the midst of moving, this little guy had his 4 month birthday!  He has been quite the trooper for me the past few weeks.  Thankfully he is happy as a bug bouncing away in his jumper as I try to get things put away.
We’ve been chuckling at some of the little nicknames he has acquired so far.  Lately it has been Sam Jam and Jammers.  It started when I was picking footed pj lint out from his toes, calling it Sam Jam.  We then ended up calling him Sam Jam and then it rolled into Jammers. 
No worries.  It’s not like we’re ever going to call him by those things permanently.  Just one of those funny baby things.  We called Izzy Squeeks and Stink Bug for a while when she was little 🙂
Do you guys have any funny baby nicknames you gave your kids?


  1. m1lbrooks Avatar

    Too funny! He is a doll…love the cute name….and look at those jucy legs!! Love it!! I remember my little girls legs looking like this. When she was a little baby I called her my little lava rock because she was so warm to snuggle with. It then changed to sweet pea. Now she is four years old and it is doodle bug or just doodle. Not sure where it came from. The funny thing is if she is getting in trouble and my voice is in that different tone….she will look sad and say… "Mommy…please be doodle buggy". She is the master of changing topics if I have to say No. Ha!!

  2. Julia | Pawleys Island Posh Avatar

    Well seeing as how my children are called Wells and Tagg which are most certainly not their given first names (or exactly their middle names for that matter) we've tried not to go too far into the crazy nickname territory. But I think it's absolutely precious and adorable of course for Sam to be jammers. I probably would have just officially anointed him Jammers and then had it monogrammed on some applique t-shirts for summer 🙂

    So Izzy and Jammers it is!

  3. Katherine Sanneman Avatar

    What out it might stick, look at Ollie Baba!! Ha! Love those chubby rolls on his legs…

  4. Cortney Avatar

    I agree with Katherine above – it may just stick!!! We call our daughter (now 9 months old), "monkey" and it has completely stuck! It started with her being a "monkey" on the change table and now I'm afraid I can't stop!!! (even though I want to!).

    He's such a cutie pie!! Love that little Sammy Jammy up and the blogging can come later! Though I love your page, they are only that small once – and it goes by soooo fast! I'm already thinking that I need a second little one b/c our daughter has already grown so fast 🙁

    Adorable…simply adorable. I'm happy to hear that he sits in his jolly jumper while you unpack too – added bonus!!

    Cortney @

  5. Mindy Avatar

    Oh my gosh, how he is four months already?!

    We call the too fuzz, fuffies. :o)

    The Kid has been Bean or Carter Bean for as long as I can remember. Several people call The Girl, Emmy instead of Emma and I call her Em. Baby is Laners instead of Laney a lot of the time. We used to call my nephew Lucas, Lulu until he was about three. My mom was certain we'd give him some sort of a complex by calling him a girlie name. Obviously, now that he's five, it didn't really stick. :o) And of course, when referring to our kids to other people, they really are The Kid, The Girl and Baby, not just on the blog. :O)

    Hope the piles are waning for ya. I don't envy a move with kids.

  6. Tiffany Avatar

    You're killing me with that smile and the onesie. So adorable! As for nicknames, i call my oldest boobear, wee one, chicken nugget, my baby I call chunky monkey, or chunk because she is so fat. I love fat babies.

  7. Carmel - Our Fifth House Avatar

    Oh my cuteness! Adorable!

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