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Another year, another Santa pic… or two.
This year we were going to avoid the mall and hit up the Santa right by our house.  We got there right before the ginger bread house opened, hoping to get in and out.
Santa was a no show for about an hour. 
Parents were all joking that Santa might have been nursing a hangover from the night before 😉
Judging from his appearance when he showed up (situating his stuffing in front of the kiddos) that might not been too far off.
But, Izzy finally got her pic!    

Big smile this year.  MUCH different than last year’s picture.
This last weekend while in a Bass Pro in Branson, I spotted the most amazing looking Santa!

So we got another picture.
Will she be confused?  Probably.
But, I couldn’t pass this Santa up.  He even smelled like Peppermint.  Who cares if it was Schnapps ;D
Here’s my Santa pic from when I was Izzy’s age.  So fun to look back.

Do you guys do Santa pics?
Any good Santa stories?


  1. Amy Avatar

    Your santa pic is adorable! Love that Izzy smiled this year. What an angel. Jeremy is phobic. I will post sammy's pic soon! I don't have a scanner so going to have to take a pic of the pic. Ghetto.

  2. Samantha @ Little Painted Canvas Avatar

    How precious! She is a doll! Bass Pro Shops always have the best Santas! We were going to go there again this year, but there was no way in the world we were waiting in line for hours. (Bass Pro Shop Santa is the place to go around here) We ended up with Mall Santa, but luckily since BPS is their big competition now the mall has stepped it up.

  3. Lisa @ Shine Your Light Avatar

    Oh so cute, Shelley! Love the one of you when you were little too!
    I have a bunch of funny pics of my kiddos with Santa over the years….only one with all three in it together – someone always chickened out!
    You'll have to stalk that Bass Pro shop Santa next year too – he's a keeper!!!

  4. Andrea Avatar

    Izzy is such a doll! My little one tried to pull Santa's beard off one year. We weren't invited back to that party.

  5. Jenna at Homeslice Avatar

    We took our son to see Santa for the first time this year, he loved it! Your little girl is adorable.

  6. A Vintage Vine Avatar

    Izzy is so cute and the one pic with you and Santa looks like her, both of you are darling! All of our kids have cried on Santa's lap, those guys (Mall Santa's)must get that a lot! Bless their hearts for being patient….Have a wonderful Holiday!

  7. Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} Avatar

    Oh my goodness! No wonder Izzy is so adorable! We tried *three times* to go to the Santa at Bass Pro but the wait was just too ridiculously long! Both of those are darling, though, she is so cute!

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