seriously google?!?!?!

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I’m having a little meltdown… thanks to Google.

Meltdown No. 1 – Picnik

If you haven’t already heard, Picnik (the most amazing free photo editor that has ever existed) is disappearing in April of this year.


I’m pulling my hair out over this as EVERY photo I put up on this blog or in my house is ran through Picnik in one way or another.

Apparently, they are moving some of their editing tools over to Google+.  Checked it out, couldn’t figure it out.


Meltdown No. 2 – Google Friend Connect

You’ve probably also heard the buzz about Google retiring Google Friend Connect (GFC) this March from non-Blogger hosted blogs.

From what I understand (and if any of you have a better understanding, please let me know) if you have a Blogger hosted blog you will still retain your GFC followers and will be able to continue following other Blogger hosted blogs as you normally do. Nothing should change for you. However, other blogs that have followers through GFC will lose those followers unless their followers chose other means to follow; email subscriptions, feeds, etc.

Google again, is suggesting Google+ as the place to be.  Not sure why that would be a solution, but whatever.


What’s happening here Google?!

Not sure about you guys, but I check out Google+ today and wasn’t impressed.

Are they trying to compete with Facebook?  Do we really need something else to keep track of?

I just don’t get it, and their photo editing doesn’t make any sense either.  I’m so completely bummed.

Another Following Option

In light of the GFC changes, and because I don’t completely understand how everyone will be effected, I decided to add Networked Blogs as another following option. You can now find it on my sidebar below my GFC.

Of course, you still have the option of following through a feed or signing up for an email subscription.  Those options are found at the top right hand corner of the sidebar.

So, what are your thoughts about Google lately?

Anyone have suggestions for a free or affordable substitution to Picnik?

I’m so bummed…. I think I need to make myself a bowl of ice cream.


  1. Judy Avatar

    I agree…it's all just annoying! I LOVE picnik…really they have to get rid of it???

  2. Carrie Avatar

    Google's all wonky right now… I had to uninstall Google Chrome last week, apparently the apps in Chrome have been the source of my computer getting viruses and crashing every day – lovely stuff. {and I loved Chrome, especially the incognito windows you could open – ugh!}

  3. Maury Kilgo Avatar

    Ugh! It's so irritating. I saw that email from Picnik this weekend and couldn't believe it. So far, Google+ kinda stinks and they seem to be replacing a few great products with one really crappy product. Why would I use Google+ to edit photos? It makes no sense! I'm following you on networked blogs. I'd love if you follow me back!

  4. The Martha Rose Avatar

    Super sad to see that Picnik is closing. It is so easy and quick to use. I use a lot of the apps on my iphone since most of the pictures I take are with my phone now.

  5. m @ random musings Avatar

    I agree – picknik is super for fast edits of low complexity. If you want a (free) photoshop replacement, try Gimp. But I warn you – there's a huge learning curve.

  6. Reba  and Eldarose,  sisters, friends and co-bloggers Avatar

    I am so annoyed by both these developments. As if there wasn't already enough to keep up with. 🙁

  7. Amy R. Avatar

    I know, I know!! I am going to have to figure something out soon, before the April shut-down. Lots and lots of changes.

    Amy R.

  8. Amy Avatar

    Annoying. They need a bitch slap.

  9. It's a Crafty Life Avatar

    I downloaded Picasa and have found it to be pretty similar to picnik, although nothing will quite replace that! 🙂 But it's pretty easy to figure out. I'm planning on doing a post on it pretty soon if you're interested!

  10. Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} Avatar

    Girl, I have no idea what I'm going to do…I have absolutely no photo skillz and any skills that I pretended to have were with Picnik…they are pretty much on the crap list right now )c;

  11. Rhiannon Avatar

    I know! I feel exactly the same about Picnik! My hubs works with IT and the internet. He said Google started Google+ and it crashed and burned. Everyone already had facebook and didn't see the point. So they're making people join it by taking away other things so people will join Google+. (though he said it in a much more tech smart way…) I'm going to have to find a new editor!

  12. Hyphen Interiors Avatar

    So annoyed by the GFC stuff. Mine hasn't been working for a few weeks now. Ugh. Guess I should let me followers know… although now they probably have no way of knowing anyway,right… they wouldn't be getting updates anymore?

  13. {Hi Sugarplum!} Avatar

    I have no idea how all this google stuff works, and i'm so distraught over all the change!!! I just keep burying my head in the sand and hoping they change their mind! 🙂 And your daughter's room is TOO CUTE!

  14. Lynn@ The Vintage Nest Avatar

    I hear you! I am totally with you on this. Do we really need another thing to keep up with? I am really not happy about having to make another change. But thank you for the clarification on blogger. I have blogger but didn't know if I would be able to keep my GFC. I am so bummed about Picnik too. Have you tried It's as close to Picnik as I have seen. I posted a little piece about this today on my blog. It's nice to meet you. ~ Lynn @thevintagenest

  15. QuadShotMom Avatar

    I was just recomended Picnik and was devistated to learn it was closing! WHY! Why stop an obviously great site?? Can't someone host it? STEP UP GOOGLE! (Yahoo…. WHOEVER!) I am so sad! It was exactly what I was looking for… Back to the drawing board!

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