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Things have been moving along with Izzy’s bedroom updates. If this is your first time here you can catch up by checking out where we started with updates here and then the DIY bed I made for her here. The final bit to go in were the window treatments. But, before I share the final reveal, today I’m sharing her new shades and drapes with

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Windows can sometimes get over looked when decorating a room. But the truth is, they play a huge roll in the overall look and feel of a space, so dressing them shouldn’t be an afterthought. The beauty is that there are so many options out there for every single style and budget. I’m going to share with you how to create this perfectly layered window and the process I went through when ordering treatments through

Design Consultation with

Ordering online can seem overwhelming at first. There are so many options, and how do I know what I want?! Make it easier by speaking to a professional. The first thing I did was speak with a Design Consultant at I gave her my initial ideas on what I was looking for and based off of that she steered me towards products that would meet my needs. She also sent samples of shade and drape fabrics based on the products we discussed. I have found that their photos of swatches look very true on screen, but it’s always best to see a sample in person. You get 10 samples sent for free so I definitely suggest taking advantage of that.

Below are the samples I was deciding on for shades and drapes. For the blinds I decided on the Deluxe Woven Wood Shades in Sonora Reed, and for drapes Easy Classic Pleat Drapes in Gent Greystone. shade samples
drape samples

Window Measurement and Installation

Once you have decided on product it’s time to measure your windows. You can do this yourself using their tips and videos as a guide. What I love about is that they give you peace of mind when measuring yourself. They offer Surefit Guarantee which means if you made a mistake when measuring your blinds, they will remake it for you at no additional cost. Pretty awesome, right?!

Now, if you prefer to leave it all to the professionals, you can do Professional Measurement and Install by With this service a Pro will measure and install your ENTIRE home for just $199. That’s what we did for this project and I couldn’t have been happier with how easy it was.

Once your product arrives, you can easily do installation yourself by referring to their Install Guide. If you’ve gone the Professional Measurement and Install route, then just sit back and relax. For this one room the Pro was in and out of the house in less than 30 minutes! It would have taken me that long just to gather all of my tools. professional install

The Shades

The shades in her room are the Deluxe Woven Wood Shades in Sonora Reed. This natural wood color brings so much warmth to the space and works with a variety of decor styles. The shade is the main functional piece of her window treatments. I decided on a white blackout liner for the back. This is something I suggest for all bedrooms because it blocks light for the best sleep and gives you maximum privacy. This time I went with their cordless option and couldn’t be happier. The shade is now easy for my daughter to open and close on her own, and I don’t have to worry about dangling cords. drapes and blinds
bamboo shades grey drapes

In order to make her small window appear larger, I did two things. First, I opted for an outside mount shade (mounted to the wall above her window verses inside the window frame). This way I could hang the shade higher up giving the appearance of a taller window. Secondly, the shade was measured a few inches wider than the actual window frame to help the window appear wider as well. Here you can see how appropriate shade and drape size can turn a small window into a statement. woven wood shades

The Drapes

I cannot express how much I love her new drapes. While the shades provided the main functionality in the room the drapes added the layer of softness and framed out the window. These are the Easy Classic Pleat Drapes in Gent Greystone with a white light filtering liner on the back. You guys, this fabric is so beautiful. The pleats at the top are perfection and the hang is incredible with it being weighted at the bottom. Since their drapery is custom you are not limited to standard lengths and widths. custom drapes
grey linen drapes with bamboo shades

These window treatments were the perfect finishing touch for this room. Thank you for working with me on this project. Stay tuned for the full room reveal!

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  1. Pamela Avatar

    Live this look. Soft and pretty. Nice choice Izzy.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      She is so excited about the blinds being cordless. I went in one morning and started to open them when she said, “Stop! I want to do it myself!”

  2. cassie bustamante Avatar

    they look amazing in there! her room is seriously just so beautiful!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you, Cassie! She’s pretty pumped about it all. I can tell she’s really into it because she has been keeping it absolutely spotless ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Lisa Avatar

    Gorgeous Shelley!! Love the texture of the blinds and the subtle weave on the drapes, such a pretty combination in Izzy’s room!!

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thanks so much, Lisa! I”m so happy with how it came together!

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