she’s a water baby

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So… I’m going to have to get over my paralyzing fear of wearing a bathing suit.

Turns out Izzy’s a water baby.  Lovely.

We realized this when we hooked up a sprinkler in the backyard for her to run around in.

She’s addicted!

Got a little pee-pee dance going on here, hehe 😀

So, in the spirit of trying to be a good mom I took one for the team and put on a suit so we could head to the pool.

Here we are on our way… look at that happy face!  Sort of makes me forget I’m going to have to take off my cover up soon.  Sort of.

No pool pics.  Not because I didn’t want to take any, but because I’m not talented enough to hold onto an eager 2 year old and a camera at the same time 😀
She of course had a blast.  And I, because my body hasn’t seen sun in about 12 years, of course, got burnt.  “I just want to get a little color on these legs… I think I’ll pass on the sunscreen.”  Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
On the way home Izzy demanded she pull the wagon all by herself.  Whenever I would try to help I was met with “IZZY DO IT!!!”  Geesh!

The poor thing was having some issues lugging it up the driveway.  But, again, she wanted NO help.  And, on a side note, she looks way pink in that picture, but I promise you she wasn’t burnt. She had on TONS of sunscreen (unlike me), and turns really pink when it’s hot out.
Anyone else have to give yourself a pep talk before taking the kids to the pool, or is it just me?
It’s going to be a long, burnt summer for me 🙂


  1. Amanda Avatar

    Your daughter looks like she had so much fun with the sprinkler! My boys are total water babys now, hated it for a while, but now cry when bath time is over! Bless her cotton socks pulling the wagon, I'd have been half tempted to climb in! Your not alone with the burning, I always think, "its only 10 minutes to town, can't get burnt in that time"! Duh!

    Ans I'm not even at the stage where I can give myself a pep talk to ware a cossie, I need a pep talk to get that stage!

  2. Meg Avatar

    Ha! What a cute daughter you have! I have a fear of swimsuits as well, but then I think, "I'm not going to the pool with fashion models! I'm going with other moms who have the same I've-had-kids-bod that I do!" And I feel a bit better. That and I got a cute dress cover up that I can wear all the dang time. 🙂

  3. ECoop Avatar

    Oh how fun!!! I love her swimsuit! I saw a lil' Babe at the pool last week with it on and thought it would be adorable on my niece!

    As for the tan. Try one of the sunless tanners, and then sunscreen. 🙂 That way ya don't feel pasty at the pool and your skin stays safe! 🙂

  4. The Starr Family Avatar

    Ha!! Just put on that suit and rock it sister. I always remind myself "Its nothing they haven't seen before or won't see again". 🙂 And Izzy? Bathing beauty for certain.

    Still LOVING your blog makeover, LOVING it.

  5. Jennifer Avatar

    I'm lovin' it! I am right there with you…I have a very self-sufficient two year old girl as well. If I try to help, I get, "NO, NO, No, No," Your pics of her are darling.

  6. Kathryn Bond Avatar

    It's going to be hot hot Friday, I think. You guys should come over and play in the sprinklers!

  7. Harps and Ollie's Mom Avatar

    Ollie totally has the same suit!!! And what's up with all little girls, or at least mine, holding their crotch every time their in a bathing suit…craziness!! You guys need to come swim this weekend!!!

  8. Patricia Torres Avatar

    aaawww.. Bless.. so super cute!!

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