Simple Fall Porch 2018

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Well, hello there, Fall!  It has felt amazing here in Houston the past couple of days.  Absolutely feels like Fall is creeping in!  Welp, I may have spoken too soon.  I just checked the weather for the next 10 days and it’s all going to be in the 80’s.  I guess it’s better than the 90’s so I’ll take it.  Actually those temps are why I decorate our porch the way I do.  A little bit summer still, with a little bit of Fall.

Following up on my Fall Home Tour is this years’ front porch!  I’m also going to be sharing with you a couple different versions of this because I had a hard time deciding and liked them all!

Simple Fall Porch 2018

Mums + Pumpkins

The perfect recipe for a Fall porch includes Mums and pumpkins.  Initially I tried using some different green leafed plants just for something different, but I took them back.  I needed the bit of color that mums provide, and nothing says Fall like mums.  Keeping the warmer temperatures in mind I went with this faded purple color.  This year I placed the pots in some baskets I had around the house and am loving the look!  These aren’t outdoor baskets so I recommend adding a saucer to the inside or taking them out when watering if you’re concerned about damage.  I just came across these outdoor baskets that would be perfect for long term use.

If you saw my Fall Home Tour you might recognize these muted pumpkins!  They are the same ones that I used on our stairway.  Here’s a blogging secret, these pumpkins will actually go back inside to the stairway until it cools off a little more.  I don’t want them cooking in the sun.  Once the weather cooperates they’ll come back out to the porch and will last me on through Thanksgiving.  The cream and soft green pumpkins are my favorites.  The colors are perfect for that warm weather transition to Fall.

Rug + Doormat

This years’ porch is pretty similar to last years’, with a few changes.  My DIY doormat is still going strong!  I wanted to add my black and white buffalo check rug beneath it like I had out over the holidays last year, but since this doormat is much larger than last years you could barely see the rug beneath it.  I was about to buy a larger checked rug when I realized I still had our old entry rug!  It fits this spot PERFECTLY!!  Initially I thought the bigger size would look ridiculous, but I’m so in love with it.  Our doorway is tucked back in and is completely covered so the rug being cotton isn’t a concern for us.  However, if you’re entrance is more exposed to the elements I would definitely go with an outdoor rug instead.

Club Botanic Wreath

Isn’t she a beauty?  Just like last year, I turned to the talented folks at Club Botanic for our wreath.  This time I went with their Big Sur Plumosus Fern preserved wreath.  It has all the gorgeous qualities of their fresh wreaths, with the benefit of it being dried so I can have it for years to come.  This is basically the most perfect wreath ever.  There is not one door or style of decor that it wouldn’t work with!

While we’re talking about the wreath, I have to tell you a little more about the company behind it.  Club Botanic is giving back to their communities in a wonderful way.  Here’s a bit taken from their website:

This wreath is handmade by Women in Recovery – a nonprofit aimed at helping women conquer addiction, recover from trauma, and acquire essential economic, emotional and social skills to strengthen their lives and families. We proudly employ these extraordinary women who have overcome tremendous obstacles to become a positive force of change.

A portion of proceeds from this sale are donated to amazing projects that support, love and nurture animals. Learn more about Club Botanic’s commitment to Giving Back

I love supporting organizations that are making a positive difference in the world around them.

Porches with Shallow Entrances

I told you I would share some different versions.  Our doorway is tucked back pretty deep in our covered porch.  My preference is to have the mums and pumpkins right next to the door because I think they look so pretty here.  However, the mums don’t get enough sunlight and die on me so quickly here, and the door is so far back that you can’t appreciate any of the decor from the street.  But, if your entrance is shallow or your door gets enough sunlight this is a beautiful option!

Mums Only

No pumpkins, no problem!  I absolutely love the simplicity of just the mums in the baskets.  In fact this is a beautiful look year round!

Pumpkins Only

Let’s say you’re not a plant whisperer (you’re like me and manage to kill them as soon as I get them) or you just don’t want any.  Another beautiful option is to stick with a classic grouping of pumpkins.  I’ve beefed up the look of mine here by adding in some fake ones to the mix.

So, which version is your favorite?  Are you a mum person, a pumpkin person, or a layer it all on person?


wreath // wreath hook // video doorbell // striped rug – Homegoods // DIY doormat // baskets – Homegoods

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  1. cassie bustamante Avatar

    i love it, shelley! i always love how you decorate your porch. i am not really much of a wreath person, but i truly love this one- it’s natural and pretty and i love the soft tones.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you, Cassie! I never used to be a wreath person until I found their wreaths. I am forever changed 😀

  2. Pamela Avatar

    Pretty. Always love your entries.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Thank you so much, Mom! I love what you’ve done with your Fall porch!!

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