Slightly South of Simple – book review

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Whether you like it or not, summer break is sneaking up.  In just a few weeks you’re going to find yourself by the pool, the beach, the backyard, or maybe on a fabulously relaxing vacation.  You’re going to need a book, and I have just the book for ya.  I was so excited to be asked by the author, Kristy Woodson Harvey, to read her brand spanking new book, Slightly South of Simple!  Kristy is the same talent behind Dear Carolina and Lies and Other Acts of Love.  And, is also the voice alongside her mother behind the interior design blog, Design Chic.

Let me start by saying I’m not a HUGE book person in that I don’t finish one book and immediately go on to another.  I may only get to one or two books a year.  But, when I find a good book I have a hard time putting it down.  Slightly South of Simple was like that for me.  I couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter!  This is your perfect read this summer!    
Slightly South of Simple follows Ansley, a mother of three grown daughters: Caroline, a non-sugar-coating New York socialite who has just been publicly dumped by her husband (and father of their unborn child); Sloan, a military wife raising toddlers whose husband is deployed yet again; and Emerson, the youngest daughter who has just landed a lead role in an upcoming movie.  After loosing her husband in the 911 attacks in NYC, Ansley moves her then young girls to the small Southern town of Peach Tree Bluff and tries to start over.  Years later, well after all of her girls have grown and left, a man from her past shows up and starts to rekindle a relationship.  One that holds a huge secret.  I’m still reeling at the thought of it!  Of course, just as things are starting back up, Ansley receives a call that all of her children and grandchildren are going to be coming back to Peach Tree Bluff to stay with her for an extended period.  I love how the author, Kristy, developed these characters.  You can relate to each of their struggles in one way or another.  Their bond as sisters and the love a mother has for her children is so strong throughout this novel.  I was so pleased (trying to think if pleased is the best way to describe an incredible cliff hanger??) to find out that this is going to be a series so I can find out more about the different stories behind these women.  Who doesn’t love a good series?!       
Check out this quick clip of Kristy talking about her new book:
If you have a list of books your going to read this summer, or if you’re like me and only read once in a while, do yourself a favor and grab this book.  I have no doubt you will fall for these women like I did.  I’m also picking up a copy for my mom for Mother’s Day.  She just finished up reading Lies and Other Acts of Love and is looking for her next read!
Ok, Kristy, when can we expect the next book?!!  


  1. Kristy Woodson Harvey Avatar

    I am SO thrilled to see this lovely review of Slightly South of Simple- THANK YOU!

    The next book should publish around this time next year 🙂 Thanks again!!!

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