Small Updates Around the House

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There have been small updates around the house that I’ve been wanting to share with you. On their own they didn’t warrant separate blog posts, so I thought I’d share them all together.

Some affiliate links are used at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog! For more information, visit my Disclosure.

Guest Room Entry Art

Directly off our main entry is our guest room. Recently I received a beautiful piece of art I had been eyeing and was trying to find a good location for it. It occurred to me this was the perfect opportunity to finally dress up the guest room entry. This area is it’s own little space framed by a pretty archway, storage closet off to the left, and the door to the guest room to the right.

This abstract tulip piece was my main art piece and I found a complimentary piece of art, this bird sketch, to place above it. You cannot go wrong with stacked art! Now our entire entry is a little more interesting with this addition.

stacked art ideas
neutral art combinations

Living Room Pillows

At the start of Summer I brought in a couple of new pillows to the sofa. Picked up this gorgeous floral print and this neutral stripe. I like how to the new floral and my existing teal floral pillow work together to bring a Summery feel to the living room.

Summer pillow combinations
Summer living room decor

Guitar as Art

When I first planned out Sam’s bedroom refresh I had intended to hang a guitar up in his room. He didn’t yet have one, but we knew it was going to be his birthday present. His birthday was a few months after his bedroom was shared on the blog so it wasn’t included in the photos.

boy's room hanging guitar

Several months after his birthday I toyed around with making my own guitar hanger, but that project was a fail and resulted in huge holes in the wall. After calling quits on the DIY I ended up purchasing this guitar hanger that I absolutely love and should have just gone with from the beginning. Now his guitar has a safe spot to rest and also functions as a really cool piece of art.

Wallpapered Dresser Drawers

Several years ago I had wallpapered the insides of Izzy’s dresser drawers. It’s such a pretty little unexpected detail. After she received her bedroom makeover at the beginning of 2020 she requested I switch the paper out to match her new bedroom wall. Two years and a few months later I finally got it done. Luckily I had enough wallpaper leftover because it has since become discontinued.

wallpapered dresser drawers

I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I REALLY miss the old wallpaper I used on her drawers! It was the most amazing bold print. But, this is her room and having it match her wall was really important to her. I didn’t have enough wallpaper left over from her walls to line the bottom of the drawer so I just focused on the sides. That’s all you see anyway when the drawers are filled with clothing.

Playroom Bookcases

A room you haven’t seen on the blog or Instagram in ages is the playroom. When we added the built-ins and window seat the kids were big time into LEGO. The builds covered every single flat surface. I wanted to utilize the built-in bookcases as a place to display their built LEGO sets. It worked great. Time went on and as the kids grew so did their book collections. Books were completely overtaking their rooms and closets. It was time to move them to the bookcases and put away some of the LEGO.

I cannot tell you how nice it is to have their books out of their closets and into the bookcases! I also put this blue rug down in the playroom and it really warmed things up in there. There have been some other additions to the playroom over the years that I haven’t shared yet. I’ll get those shared soon!

Doormat Refresh

I went in through the front door the other day and realized how worn out and tired it looked. Our from door has been needed to be replaced for a few years due to warping and other sun damage. My previous outdoor rug and doormat had also reached their expiration dates. After touching up the front door with some wood oil and brining in a new rug and doormat it feels refreshed and much more welcoming.

layered door mat ideas

I may actually do a full post on this one because if you have a wood door you’ll want details on this tip. Stayed tuned!

I hope you found some inspiration from these small updates around the house. And in case you are wondering, I have not forgotten about posting the details on how I built the new bed in our master bedroom! I promise it’s coming soon!!


  1. Samantha Avatar

    What are the shade of the window blinds !

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Hi Samantha! The color of the window blinds is Antigua Natural.

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