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Temps have been on the rise here in Houston.  The other night I was having a hard time getting to sleep since it was so muggy in the house.  This was even with the ceiling fan on – I can’t imagine living without one at night.  I don’t know about you guys, but when it’s cold out I feel like I get a free pass to wear sweatpants and old t-shirts to bed.  I’m looking a hot mess, but hey, baby it’s cold outside.  Now that’s it warm out, I’m miserable wearing my usual stuff to bed.  And with young kids that randomly show up at your bedside in the middle of the night, going au natural isn’t going to cut it.
I want, I need, something cute that will keep me nice and cool.  I’ve been eyeing the Plum Pretty Sugar stuff.  Pretty, lightweight, pretty, good coverage to wear around little ones, pretty, pretty, and pretty 🙂
Here’s what’s on my radar.
They all look so comfy!  And, I would totally use the boyfriend shirt as a swimsuit cover up too.
Added bonus – Any $75 purchase will get you a free tote.
What would you pick?


  1. Samantha Hawes Avatar

    Ooohh those are all so cute! I would get so tangled up and annoyed with the boyfriend shirt, but I really love the first one. At what age do you have to stop running around naked I. Front of your kids? I still do it, and Camryn's almost 3. My kids are going to need counseling in the future, aren't they? I should save that money and just buy cute pajamas instead. <— ways I convince my husband that the purchase was actually saving us money. 😉

  2. Mindy Avatar

    That first one is too cute. But I can not wear clothes to bed. I hate hate hate it. A wife-beater and undies is the most I can handle. I don't walk around butt ass naked, but if a kid shows up in my room in the night, they might get a boob handshake.

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