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When I was little my parents would sing “It’s All In The Game” while rocking me to sleep.
I swear I remember being in my mom’s arms while she rocked and sang this.
When Izzy was born it was the first song I sang to her.
Occassionally, she’ll want to be rocked before bed, and when I ask her what she wants me to sing she’ll reply, “tears”.

When it gets to the part where he sings, “and he’ll kiss your lips” she turns her head in and gives me a kiss, every time.
She now sings along with me the best she can, and I get teary eyed imagining my little one holding her little one while singing this same song 🙂

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  1. Rebecca Avatar

    That is such a wonderful story! What precious, precious memories!

  2. Jan Avatar

    I remember "slow dancing" to this, in middle school. Yes, I'm old.

  3. Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} Avatar

    This is the sweetest…I love those little moments that you just know will be in your memory forever. My mom made up a tune to a poem and sang that to us as babies…now we sing it to our children…I just love family traditions (c:

  4. Kathryn Avatar

    I love this! It reminds me of the song my mom would sing for us. Sweet izzy melts my heart.

  5. Stacy Curran Avatar

    Aaaaaawwwww, so sweet! Love it!

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