Teen’s Closet Makeover Plans

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There are some projects that have been on the to-do list for several years. Giving our oldest a more functional closet is one of those projects. When I finished our master closet makeover four years ago, Izzy immediately wanted hers done too. It took me quite some time to come up with something that would work for her existing closet size without being expensive. But I have found it! Here’s a look at our teen’s closet makeover plans.

Some affiliate links are used at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog! For more information, visit my Disclosure.


She is lucky to have a small walk-in closet. Especially one with natural light! This is a tight space to photograph though so I took more photos with my phone at a wide angle setting. Those are always distorted, but you get a better feel for the layout this way.

Izzy is a very organized kid and has made the best use of the current space to fit her needs. It’s just not laid out well for her.

Original Layout

The cheapest way builders put in a closet is by adding hanging space. Hanging space is great, but truthfully you probably don’t need THAT much hanging space. What Izzy needed was some hanging space, drawers so she could have undergarments in her closet, shelves for pants/shorts, and shoe storage.

Closet Demo

Feels silly to call this demo because it was so quick and easy to remove the rods, shelves, and supports. Might have only taken me fifteen minutes. But here we are with a blank slate. I did go in and patch and add a fresh coat of paint after I took these photos.

Closet Plans

My first thought was to use IKEA PAX like I did in our master closet makeover. However, I couldn’t make it work with her closet dimensions. Their frame configurations were either too wide or too narrow. I also considered The Container Store’s Elfa system. We have used that system in our garage and in a closet under the stairway and have loved it. But, when I looked into it for her closet there were tons of complaints about the new hanging system they are now using. I didn’t want to risk it.

After more internet searching I came across Easy Closets. Here’s why I decided on it:

  • Fully customized for your closet size
  • Customized configurations for rods, drawers, shelves, integrated hampers, etc.
  • Several colors and hardware styles to choose from
  • I could choose to have it installed from a rail which allows me to keep baseboards in place
  • Appearance – It has to be beautiful
  • I could virtually design the closet or have them help me
  • I could install it myself
  • Price – Much more affordable than most custom closet options.

The Virtual Design

Izzy will have the hanging space she needs on the back wall. The wall to the left when you walk in will have shelves for shoes, pants, and shorts. She will have shelves for bins to store other items. There will be drawers for undergarments and a jewelry drawer. And my favorite part, the integrated laundry hamper. What a better use of this space!


While some people see this and get stressed out, I get excited. I love assembling things! They have very clear install guides that are custom for your closet so it’s truly a breeze.

Izzy is beyond excited for her new closet and so am I! What’s your favorite part about the plan? Stayed tuned to see the complete makeover.


  1. Pamela Avatar

    Can’t wait for the final reveal. So much better for her. ❣️

    1. Shelley Avatar

      It’s going to be such an improvement! Here’s hoping it makes getting ready for school in the morning a little smoother.

  2. Nancy Avatar

    I also love to assemble things. My husband says I should advertise myself to assemble ikea furniture.

    We had a closet with a window, I thought that was so cool. But some clothes got badly faded by the sun. I don’t know that a child/teenager would have clothes a long enough time to fade but maybe there’s a UV blocking film you could apply.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      That is too funny, Nancy! My husband has said the same to me about IKEA furniture! She has a blind in there, but it’s probably only pulled down 50% of the time, so I absolutely love your idea to add a UV blocking window film!

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