Thanksgiving Table for Kids

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thanksgiving kid's table ideas

Do you remember being banished to the kid’s table at Thanksgiving?  Most of us do, and we probably don’t look back at it as being a super fun place to be.  The grown ups got their pretty table and we got an old card table that probably smelled like cigarettes.  What a coming of age moment when you finally got to move up to the grown up table!  I have arrived!!!

Psst… Looking for some grown up table ideas?  Check out this post where I styled our dining room two different ways for Thanksgiving dinner!

Luckily, kid’s tables have changed over the years.  I’ve seen some amazing ones online.  Like, I’d rather sit at the kid’s table than the grown up’s table type of amazing.  But, I don’t have that much time and energy to put into it, and my guess is you don’t either.  So, I’ve created a kid’s table that won’t take you a long time to pull together, one that the kids will be happy to hang out at, and will keep them entertained while waiting for dinner.  This works whether it’s a spare full sized table, a card table, a kitchen island, or even a coffee table (that’s what we do at my parent’s house).


kid's thanksgiving table

Toss down a tablecloth.  It instantly makes their spot feel more special.  I just folded this large rectangular one in half to fit our smaller table.  It’s an inexpensive polyester tablecloth (under $12) so not much can harm it.  There are even some great disposable options like this black and white plaid one.

DIY Feather Headband

DIY thanksgiving indian headband

The feather art in our kitchen nook inspired me to create these DIY Indian feather headbands.  I cut strips of kraft paper, hot glued feathers between the two ends, and added names to the front with a paint pen.  They also act as a place card so each kid can find their spot when they first get to the table.

DIY thanksgiving Indian headband for kids

thanksgiving kid's outfits

Printable Coloring Placemats

printable thanksgiving placemats for kids

I found this printable placemat and finger puppet set at the Caravan Shoppe.  Couldn’t have been easier!  Everything was printed out on a thicker cardstock to prevent soak through of dropped food when used as a placemat.  There were multiple styles of placemats so you could even print out extras on plain computer paper so they have more coloring options.  Toss a bunch of crayons in a bowl in the center of the table and let them color away!

kid's thanksgiving table activities

thanksgiving kid's table printables

Printable Finger Puppets

thanksgiving kid's table ideas

The finger puppets that came in the printable set were darling!  After coloring their characters in, they can put on a play for each other.

printable thanksgiving finger puppets

caravan shoppe thanksgiving printable

thanksgiving activities for kids

Time to Eat

I like to keep dinnerware and utensils off the kid’s table until it’s time to eat so they have all the space they need to create and have fun.  When it’s time to dig in, add this cute disposable scalloped dinnerware set with these fun color dipped disposable utensils.  Pretty, can’t be broken, and makes clean up a breeze!


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What was your favorite food you looked forward to as a kid at Thanksgiving?  For me it was always (and still is) a toss up between the corn casserole and cheesy rice casserole.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Oh, and pecan pie.  Can’t forget about the pecan pie.  And now that I’m thinking about food I’m also remembering this dill dip with Rye bread my Aunt Paula put out one year.  I could so go for some of that right now.

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