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The kids are now both back in school!  Izzy started last week and Sam this week.

She stuck to the same story as last year, wanting to be a bunny vet when she grows up.  She’s still obsessed with them.  They’re a few of them that hang out in our front flower beds.  We’ve told her that if she can catch one, it’s hers.  We thought that would get us out of doing the pet bunny thing.  We might be eating those words because this girl got too close once.
I don’t think I ever realized how much the kids look a like until I saw the above picture of Izzy in Preschool compared to the one below of Sam.  Wow.
Sam has also stuck to the same answer when asked what he wants to be when he grows up.  It just got a lot more descriptive and grown up.  Last year it was simply, “Drive trains”!  He is becoming his own little man and knows what he wants.  Just like how he knew he didn’t want to wear the cool outfit mommy sat out for his first day of school.  “No.  I don’t want to wear THOSE.  I want to wear these shorts and this little shirt.”  My days of getting him in a button up shirt for church are even over.  

I think we all got tired of not having a routine during summer.  Doesn’t help when it’s too hot to play outside or hit up the pool.  They are both so happy to be back and hanging out with their buddies.


So, last week it was just Sam and I and we popped into Homegoods.  I’m usually really good about having the strength to leave empty handed.  Not this time.  This time I spotted a huge round wooden mirror.  Exactly what I have been wanting for years for the dining room.  I did the casual saunter over as to not attract attention all while screaming with excitement in my head and evil eyeing anyone who might possibly be interested in the mirror.  $150.  Deal!!!  Not a sales person was in sight and I didn’t want to risk walking away to find help only to return and have it be gone.  So, I lugged that beast behind me like a dead body while pushing Sam in the cart.  Two steps forward, drag.  Two steps forward, drag.  You do what you have to for a good find.

I got it home and started worrying it wasn’t going to work.  My concern was that it was a different wood tone from the table.  Then there’s the gray painted chairs, black piano, and dark brown floors.  Not that I think everything should match, but I was worried there was too much going on.

How my mind works:  Toss (not the best word to use given how heavy it was) it up in the packaging to see if it’s even an option.

Obviously I can’t tell from this, so I’ve got to take it out of the packaging.  Back is starting to hurt.
The dark drapes are now killing me.  Despite this room having large windows and high ceilings, it’s sooooo dark.  Charcoal drapes have to go.  I put up one panel from the kitchen to see what it would look like.  This was the photo I posted to Instagram asking for your help in deciding if it was a keeper.  
You all are enablers.  I ended up keeping it and decided on white curtains.  I may have ten different wood shades going on it here, but oh well.  The mirror is now hung, the old drapes are down, and I’m feeling better about this. 
But still praying this mirror doesn’t fall off the wall despite the overkill wall anchoring.  It is no joke heavy.
I’ll take some good pictures of the space when I get the sheets curtains hung.  Click here to see what I mean about the sheets.  I’m doing the same thing in here.
P.S.  If you’re looking for this mirror and can’t find it at your Homegoods, I found the same one at CB2, here!


And before I head off, I want to say thank you to POPSUGAR for including my DIY African Mudcloth Pillows in their roundup of DIY mudcloth!  Check out the story here!


  1. Cassie Bustamante Avatar

    i am LOVING the new look in that space! the white drapes will be perfect!!!

  2. Cassie Bustamante Avatar

    oh and i forgot to say your kids are the cutest and bunny vet is a great occupation!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Hehehe!! She says it has to be specific so people don't show up with snakes or other "gross" pets 😀

  3. Lisa @ Shine Your Light Avatar

    Your babies are BEYOND CUTE. Oh my!!!!! I got to see my little nephew get on the bus for his first day of 2nd grade today, totally made this auntie's day. My own kiddos don't go back until next week and they are going to be less than overjoyed to heard their alarms go off each morning! Loving the round mirror, and the white curtains really do lighten up the space so much. But I love the charcoal too!!! I'm glad I'm not alone in suffering through changes of heart regarding window treatments. I've gone through 3 sets in my living room in 6 years and I'm still having commitment issues 🙂 Happy school year Westerman munchkins!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      I just love how excited the little ones are about going off to school. They feel like such big kids 🙂 I too loved the charcoal curtains and am sad to see them go, it's nuts how much darker they made the room feel! I have such a bad case of commitment phobia. I would probably make myself sick if I ever had to buy real curtains 😀

  4. Tasheena Nicole Johnson Avatar

    The kiddos are too cute… hopefully she doesn't catch a bunny anytime soon. 🙂

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Thank you! Yes, I've got to keep an eye on her because she is getting faster every day. At this rate we might have a pet bunny by Christmas 😀

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