Using a Dining Table as an End Table

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Thinking outside of the box is where most great ideas come from in the business world.  Same applies for the home!  When our new living room sofa arrived I quickly realized that the sofa’s extra depth was going to create a problem with our current end table.  The table’s diameter suddenly appeared to have shrunk.  The kids and the dog were now using the new open space as a walkway.  This wasn’t working too well for me.  It is hard to tell from the photo, but in person the end table looked teeny tiny.

I looked everywhere for a larger diameter side table that wouldn’t break the bank and came up empty-handed.  Then, I remembered this living room Jenny Komenda designed.  She used a small dining table as an end table.  BRILLIANT!!!  So, I did the exact same thing, with the exact same table 😀

Table Size

The table is technically a small dining table.  It measures 35.4″ in diameter by 29.5″ tall.  This was the perfect width to fill the space between our sofa and arm chair.  The height is taller than your average end table; however, it’s a perfect height for us to sit our drinks down and we don’t feel like we’re reaching up at all.    What helps this table from feeling way to overpowering in the space is the open airy legs.  I tried this other table out first and although the measurements were very similar, the chunkier base made it look too lumbering next to the furniture.  The visually light legs make this a winner.  The price at a little over $200 doesn’t hurt either.


This table is a stinker and keeps going in and out of stock.  I’ve found it at a few different retailers, but you’ve got to check periodically or set up an alert for when it comes back in stock:

More Options

Now that you’re thinking outside the box, I’ve got some other dining tables that could look pretty awesome as end or foyer tables.  Just make sure you measure well!

one // two // three // four // five // six


Slipcovered sofa // Rug // Chairs // Coffee table // Side table // Media stand – Walmart, discontinued (similar here) // Drapes (more info here) // Bamboo shades // DIY sunburst mirror (tutorial here) // 3 round mirrors – Pier 1 discontinued (similar here) // Table lamp // DIY mudcloth pillows on gray chairs (tutorial here) // Stripe indigo pillow – made by me (similar here) // Smaller indigo pillow // White mudcloth pillow // Marble vase – Homegoods (similar here) // Wood beads // Gold candle holder – Target, no longer avail. (similar here) // Feather art in kitchen //

Get the Look

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  1. Angela Avatar

    In my last house, I know live in an apartment, I had a large sofa set and used a small dining table as as side table, I did have to cut down the legs slightly but it looked great and no one even asked if it was a dining table. I think side table makers forget how large some American homes, and furniture, are these days tbh, unless there are makers out there beyond my price range who do in fact make really large side tables? Mine was my own breakfast type of table, not large enough for a formal dining area but perfect next to my two large sofas. Yours looks great, much better than the tiny table x

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Angela, that is such a great idea to cut down the legs if it’s too tall!! And, thank you 🙂

  2. Pamela Jones Avatar
    Pamela Jones

    Love the new open look.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I got rid of the large basket of toys that used to sit there as well. I’m feeling so much better not having so many things sitting on the floor!

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