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I know, I know, this is the fourth time I have shared these viral Amazon curtains with you. Britney Spears’ Oops! I Did it Again is playing in my head. But you guys, they are so good I can’t help but keep adding them to rooms in our home. The wow factor they add, how they instantly give a room a designer look, and the price for what you get is too good to ignore. You’ve seen them in my living room, kitchen nook, dining room, and now our master bedroom. Before I get into photos of these gorgeous drapes, let me share what drove the need for new ones. Psst… I’ve got a discount code for you at the end.

Archer’s Princess Bed

Eight or nine years ago I added beautiful white drapes to our master bedroom. About three years ago our dog, Archer, started pulling his dog bed over to the window at night and curling up inside the drapes. We jokingly called it his Princess Bed. As soon as I would hear him make a move for them I would jolt up out of bed and try to stop him. Then he started getting sneakier and quieter waiting for a time where I was completely out. I tried keeping them as clean as possible with a lint roller and vacuum attachment but it was a loosing battle. Waved the white flag. They were so dirty they looked like they had been dipped in a mud puddle. Side note: His old man eye-brows make him look so angry in this photo, but he’s the sweetest thing ever.

Before I could replace them I had to give Archer a bed that would give him the same comfort as being wrapped up so he wouldn’t destroy new drapes. What I came up with isn’t the most beautiful, but it’s functional and does the job. He actually loves it. Here’s hoping it stays that way! This is a screenshot I took of my Instagram story highlight. You can check out how I built it here.

With him happy in his new bed I could put up new drapes!

The New Drapes

famous amazon curtains
viral amazon curtains
TwoPages Curtains Jawara Greyish Beige
custom linen curtains
TwoPages Curtains
viral amazon drapes

Fabric and Color

viral linen curtains

This is the JAWARA fabric in Greyish-Beige (J401-10). This are the exact fabric and color I put up in our dining room. I highly suggest ordering their fabric swatches since colors are always different online. When you get the swatches in, take the book apart and tape the swatches you’re considering up on the wall. This is a great way to see what colors will work best in your home.

Pleat Heading

This time around I tried a new pleat heading and am in love with it. This is the tailor pleat.

I realize this isn’t the best side-by-side, but we’re going with it. The pinch pleat is on the left and it has the pinch at the center of the header. That’s the header style I used in our dining room, living room, and kitchen. The tailor pleat on the right is pinched at the very top of the header. A slight difference in style. You can’t go wrong with either.


As with all of my drapes, I’ve done with room darkening liner. It’s not a blackout, though they do offer that. This blocks out 70-85% of sunlight, adds privacy, gives more body to the drapes, and protects your drapes from damaging UV rays.

Memory Shaping

TwoPages Curtains Review

You can choose to order your drapes with or without memory shaping. Memory Shaping is what makes your drapes lay nicely with the fabric stacked neatly all the way down the length of the drape. You can order without and train your drapes on your own. With memory shaping they are sent already folded the entire length so that they hang perfectly immediately.

famous amazon drapes


The width measurement is how wide the top of the drapes measure when they are fully spread out after the pleats are sewn. The wider outer drapes measure 144″ wide by 99″ long. Inner drapes are 60″ wide by 99″ long.

As I’ve been upgrading my drapes throughout the house I have been ordering them one inch off the floor to avoid any puddling. Drapes will also stretch over time due to the weight. If I had ordered them touching the floor now they would be puddling after they relaxed. They hang so nicely when there is space between the bottom and the floor.

how to hang TwoPages curtains

These come with adjustable drapery hooks so you can make small adjustments to the length.

Why So Wide on the Sides?

how to hang curtains

I didn’t like the look of the extra wall space on the sides of the windows, and I just love a luxe drapery look. Extending the curtain rods wider on the sides fills that awkward space in nicely and gives the windows a more dramatic look. When extending your rod out further, make sure you take into account the additional weight and add extra brackets. The first time I did this years ago I failed to do so and the weight almost broke the brackets.

TwoPages Curtains Jawara

Where to Buy and Discount Code

You can purchase semi-custom options from TwoPages on Amazon here. If you need fully a fully custom size visit the TwoPages Curtains website. Either way you can use coupon code SHELLEYWESTERMAN10 for 10% off your purchase.

Before and After

I’ve been slowly moving away from the bright and white look that was popular the past few years. I love the warmer toned drapes in here and how they blend with the room. Just feels more relaxing to me. And of course they no longer look and smell like a dog! How do you feel about the viral Amazon curtains?

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  1. Pamela Avatar

    Love these drapes and living the color in the bedroom as well. Another great refresh. I like that there is a wider panel of drapes at each end. Perfect.ūü§©

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I cannot tell you how good it feels to have the drapes Archer ruined out of there!

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