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What should Izzy be for Halloween this year? I’ve been asking myself this question pretty much since Halloween ended last year. I know, I’m ridiculous. I’ve searched the internet non-stop trying to find an idea for the perfect costume. Finally found the cutest little owl costume at Pottery Barn Kids’ website. I’m in love! Being the super cheap, I mean cost conscious, person that I am, I attempted to make a look-a-like. After many hours of staring blankly at pieces of fabric, bleeding from pin pricks, and cursing at my sewing machine, I’m done and ecstatic with how it turned out! Too bad my little one doesn’t feel the same way. Yeah, she HATES it. Tried it on her and was met with tugging that turned into sobbing and then falling to a heap on the floor. The worst part was the look of, “Why would you do this to me Mommy?”. In an attempt to get her to like it I’ve been running around the house wearing the hood myself and flapping the wings, have renamed it Dora the Owl (since she loves anything Dora), and have been randomly plopping the hood on her so maybe she’ll become desensitized to it. Again, I know I’m ridiculous. But, also, somewhat successful! Just enough that I could get a couple pictures taken. Note the haphazardly tied bow that was done as she was running away from me 🙂 Oh, and don’t let the last picture fool you, she was just happy because she thought she was going to get away from me.


  1. Christin Avatar

    You made that costume???? Let me rephrase- YOU MADE THAT COSTUME??!!!!!!! Are your talents endless?? That is insanely cute! She looks amazing in it as well. I can't believe you made that.

  2. Diana Mieczan Avatar

    Ohhh that is the sweetest little costume ever and she looks adorable in it:) You made it yourself? Its so wonderful:) Well done,sweetie
    Hugs and kisses

  3. Ashley @ Little Miss Momma Avatar

    Cutest costume in the UNIVERSE!

  4. Becci Avatar

    I was looking for help on making a similar costume for my daughter this year- and your post made me laugh so hard (in a quiet, bursts of laughter sort of way since it's naptime). I really want to try and make one- you have given me hope!!! 🙂 Super cute costume and great job! The part I am most nervous about is the hood…..

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