when did it get so complicated?!

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Lately I take forever prepping my face for makeup, and in the evening taking it off.
In my teens and twenties it was easy shmeasy – put it on and wash it off (if I wasn’t being lazy and going to bed with it still on).  But lately, there are so many more steps!

Here’s my not-so-little-anymore routine and some of the products I’m really digging lately.  And no, I’m not being compensated for mentioning any of these products.  Although, that would be nice 😉
1.  In the morning, I start off fresh with some plain ol Dove bar soap.  I also use this to remove my makeup at night (no more sleeping with my makeup on, unless I want to wake up with a mondo zit).  I’ve always used Dove bars and probably always will.  I have fairly sensitive skin, and this has never done me dirty.
2.  Mornings only, I’ve started using Target’s brand Apricot Scrub.  I’ve never used a scrub until a few months ago.  Hello!!!  Why didn’t anyone ever tell me how fabulous a scrub makes your skin feel??  Like butta.
3.  Slap on some Olay moisturizer for sensitive skin.  Another all time favorite.  I also use this right after I wash my makeup off at night.
4.  Toss on some eye wrinkle cream, day and night, for good measure.  This is one of the newest additions 🙁  I like to think it’s going to make a difference in a few years.
5.  When I’m appling makeup, after my base is on, I  now use my newest best friend,  Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser.  The angels are singing!!!  No more dark circles.  Gonzo.
And there you have it!
So, what are your go to beauty products?  Anyone else finding that their routine is getting longer?


  1. Holly Avatar

    A majority of my makeup and products are MAC but I've been using the Olay moisturizer and really like it.

  2. Harps and Ollie's Mom Avatar

    I've been using Cover Girl Age Defying concealer, maybe I need to try the Maybelline one you suggested… I have terrible dark circles and have since I was a kid. I like Ponds Makeup Remover Wipes and Purpose bar soap. I love the Purpose soap, it's really good at staving off zits on your face, and whereever else you have issues… Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mindy Avatar

    Well, you do waaaay more than I. And I'm guilty of going to bed with my makeup still on – on the rare occasion that I actually put any on. We don't get out much. :o)
    I use bar soap as well – Lever is what I've been using for years. I also have that same face scrub in the shower. I like it, but I prefer the Neutrogena grapefruit one. It's sooo good. I've used Oil of Olay (Oil of Old Lady is what we call it) since I was a teenager. It's the only face moisturizer I've ever bought. Those are the only three things I ever use. Oh wait – I lied. I bought Bio-Oil for some scars and have been using that around my eyes for about a year. Who knows if it's any good for that, but it seems to work on the scars.

  4. Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] Avatar

    I love Skin Ceuticals- they have the best stuff! Their products are somewhat expensive but completely worth it. Loved hearing your routine!

  5. Ashleys Design Studio Avatar

    Honestly…lots of water! My news years resolution was to drink more water and since then my face has cleared up drastically!

  6. ECoop Avatar

    Bwahahaha this is the absolute truth! It gets more and more complicated each and every year. I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for needing things now that supposedly won't let makeup settle in my creases or make my pores look smaller. Really? Not sure how magical any of it is but I slather it on each day.

  7. natasha {schue love} Avatar

    I love Dove soap…I make a point of not falling asleep with my makeup on either…HATE the feeling of it being on all night. Ick!

  8. Lindsay Avatar

    LOVE this! I may have to try dove products. Never used them before xoxo

  9. Amy Avatar

    You have gorg skin. Always have. You will look 40 at 60. This seriously looks easy compared to elaborate routine I have to do because my skin gave me the middle finger a long time ago. You have inspired me. I was sitting here feeling completely blank…I may have to do this too. PS. I do use the scrub in the morning as well. It's magic. Not magic eraser…but still nice. Where the h is the magic eraser for the face anyways?

  10. Blogger Avatar

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