Woven Breakfast Nook Chairs

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I never know what the correct term is for the small dining space off of our kitchen. Kitchen nook, breakfast nook, breakfast room?? Whatever you call it, I randomly decided to get new chairs for ours. While I still love the look of a wishbone chair I was tired of maneuvering around the large backs in this smaller space. In keeping with the woven look, I found something that fits the space better. Check out the new woven breakfast nook chairs. They’re so pretty!

The Previous Chairs

New Woven Chairs

pottery barn Malibu woven chairs with round antique table in kitchen book with built in coffee bar

I chose these woven chairs for a couple of reasons; the smaller backs give us more space to walk around the table, they can go with a number of different styles, they still had the woven look I liked, and the back were low enough to not feel too busy.

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round dining table with woven chairs
small dining room breakfast nook with round table and pottery barn Malibu woven chairs.  Windows with light drapes and a fiddle leaf fig tree

It has been fun to watch this little spot in our home evolve over the past four years. It’s such a difference space now.

breakfast nook dining chairs, pottery barn Malibu woven chairs

I Want to Refinish the Table

This antique table has been in our family for years. My mom first bought it at an antique store when I was a baby, over 40 years ago. It was already an antique back then. This was the table I grew up sitting around. It was given to me when I bought my first home and stayed in its original condition for a long time. Years ago I decided to finally refinish it and gave it a bleached wood look with liming wax. Now that I have new chairs in place I would like to warm it up.

woven dining chair, pottery barn malibu chair review

I sanded an area on one of the legs and tried out a couple of stains to see what I liked best. I’m not looking for an exact match to the new dining chairs, just something that feels more original to the table. The bottom stain blends in with the floors which I don’t want, the next stain up feels too orange. The following is a blend of the first two that still looks too much like the floor. The one on the top is just the plain wood. I’m leaning toward leaving the wood natural. But, I’m worried that when I add a protective finish it will go darker. What are your thoughts?

antique table stain

I’ve also got one more thing I’ll be swapping out in the breakfast nook soon. It’s a DIY that has been sitting in my garage for a few weeks now and it’s finally ready for the next step before I can bring it inside. I just know it’s going to look awesome!


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  1. Pamela Avatar

    Love the chairs… can’t wait for the refinishing of the table. Pretty much back to it’s roots.😊

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I cannot wait to get started on that table! Just hoping the hot weather stays away long enough for me to get it done.

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