Kitchen Updates with Legrand Radiant Outlets

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Love it or hate it, mobile devices are a huge part of our lives. We have a slew of them at our house. Two cell phones and four iPads come with a lot of cords and charging needs. I felt like our kitchen counter was just one big charging station. Plug a couple in over here, a few more over there, and another one over here. “Sorry honey, you’re going to have to charge yours somewhere else because the coffee pot needs to stay plugged in.” We tried the power strip, but that made me crazy with even more bulky stuff laying on the counter.

Legrand Radiant Outlets

I was recently introduced to Legrand Radiant outlets and was so impressed with what they have to offer. We now have streamlined, beautiful outlets that completely fit our needs! Let me share these with you so you can be just as excited about them as I am.

USB Charger

Legrand outlet with four USB ports

Ok, how amazing is this USB Charger Outlet?!! I am most impressed with this super functional puppy. This USB outlet installs wherever you have a regular existing outlet. No special requirements. Four spots for charging and you can finally get rid of those bulky adapters. Cool huh?? If your outlets sit vertical instead of horizontal like mine, check out this wireless charger they have available. I so wish I could have made it work in here!

Dual Outlet + USB Charger

“But Shelley, I need regular outlets in my kitchen.” Why yes, yes you do. Which is why this just might be the best outlet EVER. Two regular outlets with two USB chargers. I love it so much.

Legrand electrical outlet with USB ports

Screwless Wall Plates

Besides these outlets being functional, you know that if I’m going to put it in my home it has got to have the looks as well. The Legrand Radiant Collection offers screwless wall plates for a clean, streamlined look. They also come in other colors to fit your home; bronze, black, ivory, and nickel to name a few.

For our kitchen island I installed Tamper Resistant outlets in black. These Legrand outlets blend in with the island so much better than the regular shiny black ones with screws on the face plate. Ahhh, I just love how clean they look. It really is the little things like this that elevate the look of a space.

white kitchen cabinets with black island
Black Legrand outlets

Outlet Installation

Installation was very straightforward. While my mom was in town visiting we switched all of them out. Just make sure all the power is shut off, and keep your wires marked. If you have GFCI outlets, do make sure you replace them with new CFGI.

Once the outlets are installed, the screwless wall plates simply snap into place over the outlet cover. They can be removed again without damage should you ever need to access the wiring. Which came in handy when we got a little too confident and didn’t mark our wires halfway through. Did I mention you should mark your wires? You should 😉

Legrand screwless outlet cover

iPad + Phone Organization

ipad and cord organization

Now that we have one spot where everyone can charge, I decided to organize it and make it easier to access our devices. In the past we have had tried the organizer boxes where you can pull cords through the holes and sit the iPads on top. Ultimately all the iPads ended up laying all over the counter as someone would go to pull theirs out from underneath another. I found this acrylic letter sorter for $5.99 and it is working like a champ to organize devices while being charged. Affordable and effective, I like that.

iPad organization in the kitchen

More Than Outlets

Looking for more than just outlets? Legrand also has switches, dimmers, nightlights, smart lighting that connects to your phone via wifi, and much more. Check them out. I think you’ll be just as impressed as I am.

Do you see why I’m so excited about outlets now?

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  1. Pamela Avatar

    Had fun working on this project with you sweetie. And again sorry for being too confident on my wire labeling. Always listen to your daughter. 😄😊 They are so functional and pretty. I’m going to change mine next, kitchen and bedroom.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I always enjoy any project we do together! And I’m telling ya, it was a fluke I happened to be right about the wiring 😂

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