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This year I went a little bigger than I have in the past with our Halloween porch decorations. I’m sure the neighbors thought I had lost my mind when I was first putting this together. Large spiders have been around for a while now, but I recently found a really cool DIY spider web trick that was completely new to me and had to try it. I could not love it more! If you’re looking for some fun outdoor DIY decoration ideas for Halloween you’ll want to see this one. It’s really simple but makes a big impact!

Some affiliate links are used at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog! For more information, visit my Disclosure.

halloween porch decorations ideas

Large Spiders

They’re just plain creepy. I have to admit I got goosebumps pulling them out of the packaging when they arrived. But I love the effect on a house for Halloween! I’ve got a big one perched right above the doorway ready to pounce on anyone who gets to the door. The large spiders are from Pottery Barn (currently sold out) and the smaller ones I picked up for a steal here. To get the spider to stay in place I used some wire that wraps around its abdomen and then attaches to small nails near the top of the porch. Its legs are zip tied to parts of the web and also to command hooks that I hot glued to the brick. The other spiders you see are zip tied to the webbing as well.

large halloween spider decoration on porch
halloween porch decoration ideas with large spiders and webs

DIY Trick-or-Treat Banner

This trick-or-treat banner is an oldie DIY that I’ve used for the last six years now. Rain or humidity don’t stand a chance!  The black pennant is cut from black non-adhesive shelf liner, white letters from white adhesive shelf liner, and the orange fringe is made out of orange plastic flagging tape.  

beef netting spider webs on halloween porch

DIY Beef Netting Spider Webs

And now for the star of the show! Spiders need webs and these are the coolest out there. They’re made out of beef netting which comes in a tube without any holes cut. Think of it like a really long, large tube sock that is super stretchy.

Use scissors to cut down the long length on one side so that you can open it up and have a larger piece of fabric. You can then cut the fabric down into sections depending on how long you want a span of webbing. For example: I have two long spans of material that are approximately 12 feet long on either side of our front porch entry. I then added more that crosses over it to give it more interest.

For our entire outdoor area I used three packages of 25ft long panels. I found mine at Spirit Halloween, but you can also find some here still in stock.

To attach the webbing to our wood porch columns I used small nails and then metal landscape stakes to attach the ends of the webbing to the ground. For getting the webbing to stick to brick I used hot glue to attach a command hook. It’s a very stretchy material which makes it so great for creating webs. Once you have it attached to the house and yard, use scissors or a box cutter to create the holes. The more holes you create the more the fabric stretches so you’ll have to reposition your ground stakes and pull the material tighter after all the holes are cut.

DIY halloween spider webs made with beef netting
DIY beef netting spider webs for outdoor halloween decorations
halloween spider webs for outdoor decorations

DIY Bat Wreath

With all that was going on with the webs and spiders I wanted a more simple wreath. I’ve seen this style all over the home decor magazines and knew it would be much more cost effective to make myself.

DIY bat halloween wreath

Bat Wreath How To


  • Twig wreath – mine is from Hobby Lobby
  • Thick black felt
  • Bat template – included below
  • Chalk or white pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun

Just print out the template, cut out the paper bats, trace the bat shapes around the black felt with chalk or a white pencil, cut out the felt bats, and then hot glue the bats to the wreath. You’ll have this done in no time!

simple DIY bat wreath

Bat Template

Halloween Porch Sources

Shop The Look

I hope you found some inspiration for your Halloween porch decorations. It’s so fun to pull together a porch for the kids in the neighborhood. My favorite houses as a kid were always the decked out ones. If you’ve already got your porch taken care of this year, be sure to pin this idea for next year!


  1. Pamela Avatar

    Ok, well you nailed Halloween inside and out this year for sure. The webbing looks awesome 👍. And the spiders are great. Wish I could be there to see it up close. Scary front porch, Way better than the year I wore the creepy old lady costume and scared the kids so much they would come up to the porch for candy.🦇🎃

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Oh my gosh, mom! I completely forgot about that!! There’s a guy in the neighborhood that always scares the kids that come to his door. Makes me jump every time too, I love it!

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