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Sorry I was kinda a no show last week.  My husband had the week off, and while I absolutely loved having him home all week, it really threw me off my normal schedule.  Not that I have a real schedule, I usually just fly by the seat of my pants πŸ™‚
Anywho, time for…
Today I have the incredibly talented Maggie over from Midwestern Girl!
Maggie is one of the sweetest gals I’ve found through blogging.  I absolutely adore her.  She’s always got something fun going on over at her blog.  You can find all kinds of things from recipes like her Strawberry Cheesecake Minis
to loads of DIY’s like her Treat Bags.
And here’s Maggie!

Hi everybody! My name is Maggie and I blog over at Midwestern Girl. First of all, let me say thank you so much to Shelley for having me here today! I love Shelley & her blog & I can’t say enough about her style…I simply adore it…

When Shelley first asked me to do a post on what’s “Inside My Bag,” the first thing I wanted to do was clean out my purse and take some photos of what I wish was what was inside my bag…things like a book of Dickinson’s poetry, a gym membership, Restoration Hardware receipts (tons of them) and a recently signed contract for my new job as Martha Stewart’s interior designer.

But since none of those things exists in my life, much less in my purse, I decided to just go with what I had (well, truthfully, after some coaxing from Shelley to just let it all hang out)…warts and all.

So, here we go…

Here’s the bag I’m carrying now…

I love this bag.

I got it at Kohl’s with my 30% off…love that.

And here’s what’s inside the front pocket…

*A few scattered dollar bills & some change (plus the bank envelope that it all came in)…
*An almost empty travel pack of Wet Wipes
*My son, Gray’s, sunglasses & allergy nasal spray
*Gum wrappers
*My phone case…not sure where my phone was at this point…that’s weird.
*The Walgreen’s May Savings Book
*and about 6000 receipts.

That’s a lot of stuff, huh? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet…let’s see what’s inside…

Don’t you judge me.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

*Bank statements
*my checkbook
*my sunglasses
*random matchbox car
*generic Kleenex
*some hand lotion
*more dollar bills and change…

*My little summertime wallet
*some Sharpies
*candy…m&ms, Starburst & gum
*a duct tape flower pen (my daughter makes these non-stop)
*a little flashlight Ty used during his preschool graduation

*My spring bird wallet from Charming Charlie (LOVE that store)
*a little notebook
*2 Baby Bottle Pops (Ty and Kate were bored at Gray’s basketball game…they were a pretty good bribe…along with the m&ms, Starburst & gum)

So there you have it. I’m happy to tell you that since these photos were taken, my purse has been entirely cleaned out…sorta.

Please tell me I’m not the only one with this shame.

Thank you again for having me to day, Shelley! You are awesome!


Ok, I definitely need a purse with an outside pocket!  And, that bird wallet is ADORABLE!!!  I’m on the look out for a new wallet so I’m always interested in what you gals are carrying around πŸ™‚

Most importantly I LOVE that you went all natural and let it all hang out!  My purse and your purse are twins separated at birth.  Pretty sure they’d hit it off and be besties for life πŸ˜€

Thanks for stopping by Maggie, YOU are awesome!


  1. Maggie Massey Avatar

    Yay! Thank you so so much for having me over today, Shelley!!!

  2. Tonia L Avatar

    Great bag! I have a yellow/gold/whatever color it is bag too!

  3. Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door Avatar

    Finally, someone who's purse insides look like mine! πŸ™‚ Thanks for letting it all show!!

  4. sip-n-wear Avatar

    always a good idea to have some candy in your purse!

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