planter makeover with amy howard one step paint

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A neighbor of ours was moving and was unable to take their large outdoor plant with them.  She so kindly placed the plant in my care, and I was ecstatic!  It was a large leaf beauty, deep purple in color.  The pot it came in wasn’t my taste, but I didn’t care.  About a week later we had a freeze (not too common in our part of the country) and it died.  I felt horrible!!  I was actually stressing that she would get ahold of me and ask how her plant was doing!  I can laugh about that now 😀  So, now that I was left with nothing but the planter it had lived in, I decided now was as good as any to give it a little makeover to help it fit it with the rest of our patio decor.  I have been loving the paint dipped look and decided to give it a go!

This was a super simple makeover using Amy Howard’s One Step Paint!

Here’s what I started with.  A beautiful large planter, just not the color I was after.
I lightly ran a high grit sandpaper over the glaze just to rough it up a bit.  After wiping off any residual, I gave it two coats of Amy Howard’s One Step Paint in Metropolitan Gray.  The photo below is after only one coat of paint.  It’s a very light gray that reads almost white to me.  I used very random brush stokes for a little more texture.
Once dry, which is in no time, I went over the bottom two-thirds with Amy Howard’s One Step Paint in Selznick Gray.  It’s a beautiful muddy gray.  I did only one coat of this paint, still using the random brush strokes, because I liked being able to see some of the white base coat show through in areas.
Now, when I first did this I wanted a slightly blended edge between the two colors so I used an old wool sock to tap in more of the Selznick gray up toward the white.
After living with it for a few days I decided I wanted a different look.  I ended up going back over the edge with a paint brush for a crisp uneven line.  Either way looks great!
Finally, to seal the paint, I used Amy Howard’s Mind Your Own Beeswax.  This was so easy!  You just squirt some of the soft wax onto a cloth and buff it into the planter.  Once everything is dry and cured the wax will protect your planter from watering and the elements.  Water beads right up as soon as it touches it!!
Here she is in her home on the back patio!  That low white planter next to it also received a makeover.  It’s a plain terra cotta pot from the home improvement store that looks so much cooler with a coat of paint.
I just love that paint dipped look!


Now it perfectly fits in on our back patio!  So thrilled with how well this paint adhered to the pots.  Now that I know how easy it is to revamp them, I’ll never look at an ugly or plain pot the same way again!



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  1. Jennifer Avatar

    I just love the mix of whites, greys and neutrals in your decor. Your blog has been an inspiration to me over the past year in my own design. Beautiful pictures!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Thank you so much, Jennifer! Your comment means so much to me!!!

  2. Lisa @ Shine Your Light Avatar

    Well I know what I'm doing today!! I have a planter the exact color of your pot in it's original state sitting in my garage.
    Can't wait to give it a makeover…..I never considered painting it!!! So smart!! I love your patio furniture and the planters and greens compliment them so much.

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Oh you totally should, Lisa!! I'm kicking myself over passing up so many planters that were clearanced, but not a color I wanted. Now I know going forward! Thank you 🙂

  3. designchic Avatar

    What an amazing transformation, Shelley. I love the color and it's perfect on your front porch! Happy weekend!

    1. CrazyWonderful Avatar

      Thank you so much, Kristy! Hope you had a great weekend too!

  4. Shelley Avatar

    Thank you so much, Sherri! I keep thinking about all the planters I’ve passed on and kick myself now!

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