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Time for this month’s…

Today I’m super excited to have the lovely Jessamie over from Bird and Branch Redesign!

On top of having killer hair (I’ve got a bad case of hair envy) she has great style to boot.  Since I’ve got baby on the brain, I just had to show you the nursery she created for her sweet little girl.

I know, right?!  I so love those colors together.  And would you check out how perfectly it matches my blog?  Yep.

Here’s Jessamie!!! (I’m thinking Johnny Carson right now, ha!)

Pretty syked when Shelley asked me to be a part of her Inside My Bag series.  I mean have you seen some of the awesome ladies before me?  Of course you have.  So when she asked me to dump my bag how could  I say no?  I was actually dreading it, but it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be.  Kudos to me! Anywho, yall caught me on a good day, because I’m actually changing from my Summer bag to my Fall bag.  Don’t lie, you get so excited to switch bags, too.

My Fall bag, well, I’m totally in lurve with it.  I got it in January this year, so only used it for about 2 months, and now it feels like new.

{Nila Anthony}

Minus a receipt, and an empty laughy taffy wrapper, this is what’s going on.

There’s usually a coupon folder in there, but I’ve been in panic mode for the past month because all of the sudden, it’s gone.  Vanished.  It’s probably in G’s play kitchen or something…

Here’s the brake down:

{1} Really pretty Forever stamps that I’m trying desperately to hold on to.
{2} My Dumb-dumb arsenal for when G is over Mommy fabric shopping or thrifting.
{3} Crayons…again, arsenal for when the waiter is taking too long.
{4} Hair bows, no explanation needed.
{5} Eyelash curler & Mascara, because if those make it on my face that day, it’s on the go.
{6} See that t-tiny orange heart, that’s a ring our neighbor gave G.  She loves it, but Mommy & Daddy….
{7} A pen from our honeymoon over 4 years ago and still going strong {pun intended}.
{8} Alieve…for when #2 & #3 aren’t enough.
{10} My all time favorite lipstick, L’Oreal’s Coral Seduction.
{11} Just because I’ve switched bags, doesn’t mean I’ve switched out my Revlon mint green nail polish.
{12} Carmex…duh.
{13} My knock off Hobo wallet from Target.  Absolutely LOVE this thing, had it for years.
{14} My little Louis pouch that holds all a lady’s unmentionables.
{15} My array of keys…because clearly I collect them.  Sadly, none of those are even my everyday keys.
So that’s it folks.  It feels so good to be carrying my new again Fall bag today… hopefully the weather will follow suit.
Thanks again for having me, Shelley!  Keep rocking that bumb!


Loving that fall bag! I’m too stinking lazy to be good about changing bags. I really think I might be the only one who doesn’t. I certainly didn’t get that from my mother, she changes them about every two months.
Seeing her lollipop collection reminds me I need to stock mine up again. We’ve had too many meltdowns in the store lately and blew through them. She has now taken to my gum. Not cool. Especially when I have troll breath and go for the gum only to find it has been cleaned out :/
Carmex – can I hear a hellz yeah?! I have THE WORST permanent chapped lips, and this is the only thing that works. Love.
Thanks so much for hanging out with us today Jessamine!


  1. singlemumof1 Avatar

    Don't feel bad about not changing bags, I only change mine when the old one dies. And then I spend the next week hating my new bag because it's too stiff and new. Another awesome inside my bag though, I love snooping through other women's purses just to see that I'm not the only one who carries around a whole life in a small sack of leather.

  2. Tiffany Avatar

    I love both bags! Jessamie has great taste. Also, love the nursery. Adorable color scheme.

  3. Jessamie {Bird and Branch Redesign} Avatar

    Thanks SO much for having me today, girly! Loved dumping my bag out for you!

  4. Suzy Avatar

    I love this series and spying on what other people carry around! Jessamie, I love your new fall bag too…I also have a random collection of keys.

  5. Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} Avatar

    Haha, I'm totally laughing about #6…but probably only because I know how often I have to go to #6 after 2 and 3 failure (c: I definitely can relate to the key collection, too…how exactly it happens is still a mystery, but apparently I need all those random keys in my possession at all times (c;

  6. Beth of designPOST Interiors Avatar

    What a fun series! I am scared to think what my bag might reveal about me 🙂 I am with you on the Carmex but I am a Burt's Bees girl through and through!

  7. Holly Avatar

    I've got a few items stashed for when the waiter takes too long – ha! And I really need to switch my bags over – I'm still rocking the pink tote and need to switch to my fall bag.

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