Silver and Gold Christmas Tree

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I am not one to reinvent the wheel every year when it comes to my Christmas decorations. While it may seem boring to some, I just don’t feel like spending that kind of money. Our ornaments are 90% repeats that I enjoy pulling out every single year. It seems I can’t get enough of a silver and gold Christmas tree though. Classic. Timeless. It just always works no matter how my decor may have changed (or not) over the year. I do have some fun additions to the tree this year I’m excited about.

neutral christmas tree with ribbons

Tree Candle Lights

I was inspired by the candles I added to our windows this year (stay turned) and went super traditional with clip on LED branch candles. I am smitten. They come with a timer and I have them set to turn on in the morning before the regular tree lights come on. The nostalgic touch just feels good.

christmas tree with candles

Glass Icicles

The other addition to the ornaments this year are the glass icicles. They look so realistic and catch the light in the most beautiful way in person. I see myself ordering more because the linear effect they give is so cool.

How to Add Color

Even though my velvet khaki ribbons don’t scream color, this is great way to add color to a neutral tree. If I want to change the look and bring in more color in following years, swapping the ribbons for a different color is cheap and easy.

My Tree Lights

These tree lights sparked such controversy on my Instagram account. Holy cow. I had been replacing bulbs and fuses for years on this pre-lit tree. Last year they died beyond repair so I replaced them with the dreamiest strand of lights. You can check out the tree makeover in this post. I purchased three 44.5′ strands at $50 a piece last year for $150 total. That was much cheaper than purchasing a new pre-lit tree (and I looooooved the new look) so I was thrilled. This year I had several questions about the lights so I shared them again. However, this year the price had gone up substantially and it was hard to find the exact lights in stock. People were irate with me. Angry with me about the price, angry with me that they had gone out of stock, angry that I replaced them with anything other than super cheap hardware store lights. I can’t control prices, I can’t control stock quantities, and I can’t (nor do I intend to) please everyone.

Having said all of that, these lights have gone out of stock again. I will still link to them for you, as well as similar lights, should you have any interest in this cluster style of lights because they still are the prettiest lights ever.

And stay tuned. I have more Christmas ideas to share after Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful one!

cluster lights Christmas tree


Shop the Look

Pretty Tree Toppers

While I was sourcing my tree topper I found several pretty ones I had to share! Sometimes all a Christmas tree needs for a fresh feeling is a new tree topper.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven


  1. Kathy Avatar

    Great ideas and money savers. I know some people that do their tree different every dang year $$$$$

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Oh I know! I can’t imagine spending that much every year!!

  2. Pamela Avatar

    Beautiful again this year. Loving the new additions especially the clip on candles with remote. Neutral tree for me as well. Copper and gold with spots of white. 🤩🌲

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I am really loving the candles! You can’t go wrong with that color combo.

  3. Campbell Addison Avatar
    Campbell Addison

    Your Christmas tree is absolutely stunning! I love how you’ve maintained the timeless elegance of silver and gold while adding delightful touches like the clip-on LED candles and realistic glass icicles. The attention to detail, from the velvet khaki ribbons to the dreamy cluster lights, creates a magical and inviting atmosphere. It’s wonderful to see someone embrace their classic ornaments, bringing cherished memories to life each year. The controversy about the lights is understandable, but your choice to share alternatives and stay true to your style is admirable. Your tree topper suggestions are the perfect finishing touch for a fresh holiday look!

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