Our New Living Room Chandelier

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I mentioned at the beginning of the year that this was turning into the year where I tackle little things around the house I have been wanting to do for a very long time. Drapes, new front door, and now replacing the living room fan with a chandelier. It was something I always thought would greatly improve the look of our living room, but my husband was dead set on keeping the fan. Or so I thought. You guys are going to love our new living room chandelier!

Some affiliate links are used at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog! For more information, visit my Disclosure.


I had to dig back a ways to find a photo of the ceiling fan. It was usually not too obvious in photos due to the height. It was a lovely fan, but we really didn’t use it as much as we anticipated. Shocking because we live in a very hot and humid climate. But I assure you the ceiling fans in our bedrooms all run every single night regardless of the time of year. Here’s one I quickly snapped right before the electrician brought in his ladder.


vaulted ceiling with large chandelier

Doesn’t it look like it should have always been there? It fills the vaulted ceiling area up well and ties in nicely with the other lighting in our kitchen and kitchen nook. Absolutely thrilled with it.

living room chandelier ideas

I looked at a lot of different lights for this room. A LOT. I wanted something large so it wouldn’t get lost, it needed to tie in with my existing lighting, and didn’t want to spend an unreasonable amount. The last one was the hardest part. There are a lot of gorgeous large chandeliers out there, but prices can get out of range quickly. I also had to consider the extra cost of hiring an electrician for the job. While I’m not against hanging a light by myself I am against hanging one up from that height! We also didn’t have a large enough ladder so we would have had to rent one anyways. It made the most sense to hire it out.

Chandelier Details

our new living room chandelier

I chose this 55″ two-tier chandelier (currently $529.99 + free shipping) and used these LED candelabra bulbs in 3000k (warm white). Something we did that you may want to consider as well is putting the light on a dimmer switch. Creates a beautiful mood in the evenings.

Determining Chandelier Diameter

Now, I went LARGE with the diameter of chandelier in here. “Rules” say you should add a room’s length and width together, then convert those feet to inches. For example, a 10’x14′ room would require a 24″ diameter light fixture. My room is 17’x20′, but a 37″ diameter chandelier in a room with vaulted ceilings felt far too small. I went with 55″ in diameter and love the larger size. And I think a two of three tier option is great for higher vaulted ceilings.

Determining Chandelier Length

The rule of thumb for determining the length of your chandelier in a room with ceilings greater than 9′ is 2.5″ per foot of ceiling height. So, in a room with 20′ ceilings the chandelier length would be 50″ long. This may be a measurement you can adjust to if your chandelier has extra long wiring and chain, or you may only have a few different lengths to choose from if it comes with downrods so be sure to check the maximum length.

Put it on a Dimmer

We put this on a dimmer and I absolutely recommend it. My husband loves bright overhead lighting while I prefer a much softer glow. This gives you the best of both worlds and is perfect for setting the right mood.


Shop the Look

More Chandeliers to Consider

As I mentioned earlier, large chandeliers can get expensive fast. I’ve rounded up some others I was considering as well as some great looks for less.


  1. Joanna Avatar

    It’s beautiful! I, too, had a fan in my living room, with cathedral ceilings. I hated the looks of the fan and the day it came down, I was so happy. I replaced it with a two tier chandelier and bought the X-Large size as I knew with the height a smaller one would look diminutive. I couldn’t be happier!
    With A/C we felt it wasn’t necessary to have the fan. I find fans ugly ( might be an unpopular opinion ). A beautiful light fixture is truly the jewellery in a room.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      I’m so happy to hear you love your large chandelier as well!! You are right, the A/C does a nice job keeping things cool enough. And, I think it helps that the vaulted ceilings give that hot air somewhere to rise to. Now I will say, I wouldn’t be able to sleep well if we didn’t have one running in the bedroom at night. That one is a necessity for me 😀

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