Replacing Our Front Door

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I honestly can’t believe it as I typed out this blog post title. It’s finally happening! We’re replacing our front door!!! This is unintentionally turning into the year where I change out things that have bothered me for years. Let me tell you why our current front door has made me regret it from day one and what finally made me do something about it.

Our Current Front Door

replacing our solid wood front door

When we built we chose a door that was exactly like the one we had on our Oklahoma home. We loved that door. Solid, knotty alder wood. However, in that home we had a large glass transom above the door that let in a lot of natural light. In this home we have no transom, no sidelights, nothing that allows natural light in. I remember worrying about it at the time we selected it, but my husband was dead set on this door.

As soon as it went in I knew it was a huge mistake, but it was too late. I actually had to beg our builder to install a peephole so I could see who was at the door.

What You Normally See

solid wood entry door

Whenever I photograph our entry I have to do two things: 1) open the front door to let in light; and 2) wipe lemon oil wood conditioner all over the front door because it is so badly faded.

What I See

dark entry

Totally not what you expected, huh? It’s a dark, unwelcoming cave. And this is during the day.

entry with no natural light

Sun Fading

Our door faces the West and is beaten up by the Texas sun. Yes, we could refinish the door, but that wouldn’t solve the main issue with the lack of natural light. We also have another issue that the heat has created with the wood door.

sun faded wood door

Wood Warp

Here in Houston we have two things working against us; excessive heat and excessive humidity. The heat causes the wood to expand and the humidity causes the wood to swell. When the temperatures go back down the wood changes shape and becomes warped. The bottom 2/3rds of the door no longer seals to the opening. Bugs, spiders, and even small lizards can just waltz right through the gap. It’s a PROBLEM. But, it’s also the straw that broke the camel’s back so I’m grateful for it in a weird way.

Our Replacement Door

Initially I was looking at another wood door (I know, I know) with glass. I wasn’t convinced a wood look would truly look realistic enough. Then one random Saturday Mike and I decided to see if any showrooms were open. Nothing was open except for one place so we headed there. Side note: why are these places not open on the weekend?? Anyway, I’m looking at wood doors when a different door on the opposite side of the showroom catches my eye. It’s iron. Iron wasn’t even on my radar. But it’s what I ended up ordering the next day.

replacing our front door

I can over think EVERYTHING, but I immediately loved it and knew it was the winner! That’s the door we ordered except in black. I did go with an obscure glass, but apparently didn’t take a photo of that. This is what the black finish will look like (not that door or glass style though).

black iron entry door

I will have tons of natural light pouring in AND won’t have to worry about wood warping or fading. Like anything, it will need to be maintained, but this will be easier than dealing with wood.

We don’t yet have an install date since we’re still waiting for the door to be completed, but it should be some time this month. I still can’t believe we’re finally replacing our front door!! I will definitely share once the door is in and will give you more information on the company we used at that time. Since I have yet to see the finished product or go through install I don’t want to share where I ordered it from just yet. Fingers crossed all goes well!

Do you have any experiences with iron doors? Tell me everything!


  1. Pamela Avatar

    💓Finally you will be seeing the light.😀 So excited for you. Can’t wait to see this area with natural light.

    1. Shelley Avatar

      Literally!! I have been waiting impatiently for it to come in.

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