Kid’s Closet Makeover

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Ever since I installed Izzy’s new closet last year I wanted to do Sam’s. And of course he felt the same. There is just something so satisfying and enjoyable about having a properly organized closet that works for you instead of against you. Well, the time has come for Sam. His new closet is all loaded up and ready to enjoy! I hope you find some organization inspiration from our kid’s closet makeover for tackling your child’s closet or even your own. There’s a coupon code attached toward the end so don’t miss that!

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Closet Before

kid's closet makeover before

Classic builder’s grade closet. Lots of rods because they’re cheap to put up and nothing else. If you’ll remember from the closet plan’s post, the main bottle neck in designing his closet came from these two electrical boxes on the back wall. Luckily we found a great work around.

Sam helped me in ripping out the rods and shelves. He had so much fun and we had it out in no time.

Closet After

kid's closet makeover

Oh hey there, Storage!!! I’ve been staring at this closet the past couple of weeks, but I still get blown away when I see a before and after of it. The amount of usable space has significantly grown.

The back wall went from one to two rods, but still allow access to the larger electrical panel. I replaced the one shelf that houses the deep, square electrical box with two. Flexible rope bins allow me to place them in front of the box without falling off the shelf. The document boxes work perfectly in the shorter shelf and hold his paper keepsakes.

boy's closet makeover
boy's closet

This other wall is by far the hardest working and is what truly made this closet the most functional. One section is nothing but adjustable shelves for shoe storage. The other has additional adjustable shelves with storage bins for seasonal items, swim trunks, hats, etc. Below the shelves I added much needed drawers which hold his undergarments, socks, and even his athletic shorts that he wears every single day no matter the time of year. Having those items in his closet allow him to get ready in one location.

closet drawer organization, kid's shorts folded in drawer

But, my favorite part of this closet is what’s below the drawers. A built-in hamper. You guys, I love this thing so much!! I had a removable bag that makes taking items to the laundry room a breeze. What I love is that all the dirty laundry is out of sight and off the floor. When he saw this feature in Izzy’s closet he was like, “I really want that in my closet!” and I was happy to make it happen.

kid's closet organization with EasyClosets

Adding a valet rod is a great way to give kid’s a spot to hang their clothes out for the next day. I hung a button up shirt here to show it in use, but if anyone knows my kid they know it will be a cold day in Hell before he is caught wearing anything but athletic shirts and shorts.

boy's closet display space

Now that we have the extra space I brought in some of his favorite items and put them on display on one of the shelves. And his Godzilla poster from before made its way back in! Putting it in a frame keeps it from being damaged, but also makes it look so much nicer. Even in a function only space like a closet you can still add some fun items that reflect that person’s interest and style.

kid's room closet art, framed Godzillas poster

The Closet System

Now that you’ve seen the after, I wanted to show you the closet system itself. This is from EasyClosets. This is a custom closet system that you design based on your closet dimensions and your needs. Don’t let the word custom fool you into thinking this is outrageously expensive. I looked high and low for an affordable closet system that would meet our organizational needs, was beautiful, and was affordable. So many options out there are just ridiculously priced or had horrible reviews. EasyClosets checked all of my boxes. I’m so thrilled with the product they offer.

To get started creating your closet you just enter your closet dimensions on their website and start designing away. It’s actually so much fun to create. If you’re not sure how to best make use of your closet space you can have one of their designers create a closet for you or just help you with some of your trouble spots. You can see on the design plan below I was even able to add in the dimensions and locations of those darn electrical boxes so I could design around them seamlessly.

Once everything ships you install the closet yourself which saves you a lot of money. Don’t let that part intimidate you. This is actually such a breeze. We’re not talking frustrating IKEA furniture build here. EasyClosets sends you a customized install guide that walks you through every part of YOUR custom closet. Measurements, placement, etc is all laid out in easy to follow instructions. And it is easily completed with just one person. Even with school drop offs, pick ups, kid’s activities, and running errands I had this installed in two days. Could have been one with no interruptions, but you know, life.

EasyClosets install guide

Sam’s Closet Details

EasyClosets also has a number of different colors, drawer styles, and hardware to choose from. I had tried talking Sam into a cool charcoal closet with dark walls, but he wanted it to look just like his sister’s closet. Here are the design details if you’re wanting a similar look:

  • Style – Wall Mount (no need to remove baseboards for an even easier install)
  • Color – White
  • Door Style – Eased Edge
  • Hardware – Modern Rectangle in Matte Black

EasyClosets Coupon Code

Ready to start designing a closet in your home? Use code CLOSETS165 to get 5% off your order + FREE shipping at EasyClosets

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