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I mentioned a few weeks back on Instagram that I was making some new pillows for the couch.  I’m still needing to add another pillow with some pattern into the mix, but haven’t found a fabric yet.  But, I though I’d show you what I did so far.
Here’s a reminder of what the pillows looked like before.
And the progress so far.
In person the zebra pillow was starting to kill me (one of my zebra print chairs is on the opposite wall) so I relocated it.  The white monogramed pillow was always getting trashed by the kids, so it too got relocated to a less sticky finger/messy faced area.  I also got rid of the smaller matching pillows that came with the couch and replaced them with much larger down filled black pillows.  The only thing that stayed was the gray pin striped pillow.
I picked up the black nubby linen-like fabric at Jo-Anns.  Come to think of it, the gray pinstripe fabric was from there too.  It was the same fabric I used in Sam’s nursery.  And while I’m thinking of it, if you haven’t used down inserts before GO GET SOME NOW.  Of course, only if you’re not allergic to them 🙂 They make such a huge difference!  Definitely ups your pillow’s game.  You can pick them up cheap at Tuesday Mornings.
Onto the progress part.  I had been thinking about one of these fabrics but feel like they could be too blah, even for a neutral lovin gal.
| via |

| via |
Picking fabric is always a struggle for me.  If you’ve got suggestions, hit me up in the comments! 


  1. Andrea Avatar

    Love the new pillows. You would have to wear some sunglasses over here at my house with all the color going on. I like both of the fabrics you chose. So glad you turned me on to buying pillows at Tuesday Morning too!

  2. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper Avatar

    i love the new pillows, too! and i love that last fabric- i have had my eye on it for a while! you need it.

  3. Samantha Hawes Avatar

    Looking good lady!! I'm so jealous of your seeing skills. I need to take lessons or something. The first fabric is my favorite. A good Kelly Wearstler trellis is always a good fail proof fabric too.

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